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August 11, 2020 – Music Biz Member Blokur Launches New License Messenger

This month, Music Biz member Blokur has unveiled its new License Messenger tool, designed to streamline the process of requesting a music license for music supervisors, content creators, labels and more. With one click, users can submit the details of the project they are working on and the proposed license fee to all relevant stakeholders. This opens a chat dialog between creator and publisher that will allow them to further negotiate the transaction. The License Messenger even calculates the cut of the fee that should be paid to each publisher based on their stake in the song.... Read More

August 10, 2020 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Johnsonese Brokerage LLC

We’re pleased to welcome full-service, independent insurance agency Johnsonese Brokerage LLC to the Music Biz Member Community!  Johnsonese is equipped with a combined 40 years of expertise and experience they use to guide clients through the insurance process, with specific focus on the entertainment, technology, and esports markets. In recent years, they have expanded to include Cyber Liability coverage, an area formerly just for the tech industry that is more pertinent in today’s music business given the evolution of its digital ecosystem.... Read More

August 3, 2020 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: The Music Royalty Company

Please welcome the newest member of the Music Business Association, The Music Royalty Company! The company is a collective of industry experts brought together to offer record labels, distributors and music publishers a wide variety of backend services, ranging from producing detailed artist royalty statements for your artists to providing catalog administration for neighboring rights. The Music Royalty Company recognizes that the ever-changing nature of the music industry has led to the need to analyze mass volumes of data.... Read More

July 30, 2020 – Music Biz Member Show4me Adds Built-In Streaming Online Concert Feature

Music Biz member Show4me is continuing to show support for the indie artist community through the recent launch of its concert livestream feature, built right into Show4me’s Artist clubs. This update allows artists to sell tickets and host their livestreams all in one platform without the need for additional tech; and just like the company’s concert crowdfunding option, if a livestream show does not reach its targeted number of attendees, those who paid in advance will automatically be refunded.... Read More

July 29, 2020 – Music Biz Member Single Music Debuts Livestream Ticketing for Shopify

Music Biz Member Single Music recently launched an innovative app allowing artists, labels and merch companies to sell tickets for livestream events direct-to-consumer via the artist’s already established storefront, along with a built-in moderated chatroom for fans. Livestream tickets can also be bundled with a merch item, or help raise money for a charitable cause. “The loss of touring has drastically affected ticket revenue, including ancillary merch sales that make up a significant portion of an artist’s income,”... Read More

July 22, 2020 – Music Biz Member Hit Parader Relaunches As Production Studio

Music Biz member Hit Parader — the historic music magazine which ran from 1942 to 2008 — announced this week their return to the music industry in the form of a TV, film and live event production studio. Upcoming projects from Hit Parader included scripted TV series “Paradise City” and music competition shows “No Cover” and “Roadie Rage.” The company is also planning for a 2021 return of the Rock and Metal-focused Golden Gods Awards, Mayhem Festival,... Read More

July 20, 2020 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Guiding Star Global

Please welcome Guiding Star Global to the Music Biz member community! Guiding Star is a Nashville-based creativity & technology company that allows artists — both online and during live events — to connect with their audiences and showcase their creativity. The company is an innovator in virtual concert and performance technology, delivering exceptional pay-per-view shows and on-demand digital content in dynamic online environments for worldwide audiences. Guiding Star’s core mission is to empower artists and the global artistic community for positive change,... Read More

July 16, 2020 – Music Biz Member Rock Paper Scissors Launches New Music Tech Community App

Earlier this week, Music Bis member Rock Paper Scissors launched a free Music Tectonics app, focused on fostering community among professionals in the music tech space. The app allows users to message leaders from across the music tech macrosystem; share successes, challenges and insights in a Community Forum; ask for advice and back up in the Ask & Answer board; and contribute to a curated news feed. Membership within the app also includes exclusive access to video from Music Tectonics events,... Read More

July 15, 2020 – Music Biz Member Music Millennium Donates Shopping Appointment Income to Local Venues

As various states begin implementing strategies to reopen local businesses, Music Biz member Music Millennium has started a unique program that both enforces social distancing practices and gives back to the local community. This independent record store, which has called Portland, OR home for more than 50 years, offered customers the opportunity to shop privately for an hour. Since the store closed three hours earlier than normal for COVID-19 safety procedures, this opened up the hour after the store closed for private shopping sessions.... Read More

July 13, 2020 – Music Biz Member Vydia Empowers Creators to Donate Royalties Percentage to Charities

Music Biz member Vydia has expanded their Royalty Center to include a new Charity Function, allowing artists to share streaming and download revenue from a project to a verified charity on a monthly basis. This opens them up to sharing part of the proceeds earned from an album to charity, or releasing a new single in support of a cause near and dear to them, for example. “I think Vydia understands the value of supporting the communities around the labels and artists they empower,”... Read More