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Association News

November 12, 2019 – [Keeping Tempo With Music Biz] — Exploring The Modern Country Music Consumer: Q&A with Country Music Association CMO Damon Whiteside

Even as the modern age of music streaming is unfolding, Country artists still largely rely on album sales and terrestrial radio to reach fans both new and old. This past year, there has been movement on this front with some of today’s hottest young Country artists gaining traction on streaming platforms. Ahead of this year’s CMA Awards show, we sat down with the Country Music Association’s (CMA) Chief Marketing Officer Damon Whiteside to discuss what has changed on the business end of Country music to pave the way for genre streaming stars,... Read More

November 8, 2019 – The Future Of What Episode #168: Indie Label Spotlight – Frenchkiss Records

Twenty years ago, Syd Butler started Frenchkiss Records, after his band Les Savy Fav couldn’t find a home at the prominent labels of the time. Fast forward up until today, Syd’s now part of Seth Meyer’s 8G Band, the label is still going strong, and Les Savy Fav is still playing shows. On this episode, Syd joins us to talk about the label’s triumphs and tribulations over the course of the last two decades, as does Craig Finn,... Listen

November 7, 2019 – 300 Entertainment’s Kevin Liles to Discuss Record Label Evolution at NY:LON Connect 2020

Program also adds Singer-Songwriter Prateek Kuhad, MLC Chairman Alisa Coleman, and U.S. Copyrights Register Karyn Temple  November 7, 2019 — The Music Business Association (Music Biz) and Music Ally today announce that 300 Entertainment Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Liles will deliver a keynote interview that will open the Label Evolution program track at the fourth annual NY:LON Connect Global Music Business Summit. Sponsored in part by Dataclef, Gracenote, AdRev, DataArt, FUGA and MQA,... Read More

Member Updates

November 11, 2019 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: AdRev

Please welcome Music Biz’s newest member, B2B and B2C administrative and strategy service AdRev! Operating primarily on YouTube’s ecosystem, AdRev helps clients and creators maximize their potential revenue on YouTube, in addition to protecting them from unauthorized re-uploads of their content. With AdRev’s recent acquisition by AVL Digital, the company has expanded their offerings for right holders and artists to include music channel strategy and optimization services. AdRev President Noah Becker will be speaking on a panel during NY:LON Connect 2020,... Read More

November 11, 2019 – Music Biz Member Qobuz Announces New Hi-Res Audio Plan

Hi-res audio streaming and download platform Qobuz has announced its plans to streamline the company’s subscription offerings by eliminating its MP3 streaming tier, in an effort to establish hi-res and CD lossless music as the new industry standard. Starting this month, subscribers can access one $14.99/month plan that grants them unlimited access to Qobuz’s entire catalog of 50 million+ songs at Hi-Res or CD lossless quality. “Qobuz was one of the earliest hi-res streamers,” said legendary singer-songwriter and Hi-Res music advocate Neil Young.... Read More

November 7, 2019 – Music Biz Member Hit Songs Deconstructed Interviews Today’s Most Influential Songwriters on Billboard’s Chart Beat Podcast

Music Biz member Hit Songs Deconstructed, known for providing songwriting trend analysis to  what drives today’s chart-topping songs, recently interviewed a number of today’s most prominent songwriters as part of Billboard’s Chart Beat podcast.  Company founders Yael and David Penn recently sat down with Finneas, producer and brother of Pop star Billie Eilish, to discuss the success of her recent No. 1 hit “Bad Guy” and the specific components of the song that make it so unique.... Read More

Industry Analysis

November 13, 2019 – Three Supply-Side Indicators That Signal the New Music Industry Has Arrived

The CD, Napster and iTunes brought about massive changes in the music industry, but the structure of the industry stayed the same (with the exception of manufacturing and physical distribution). Then came streaming. Truly disruptive? Up until now, one could argue that even streaming hasn’t been disruptive to industry structure in the same way Amazon/Uber/AirBnB have been in their respective sectors. More than a dozen years since the first commercial streaming services came to market, it seems a tipping point has arrived.... Read More

November 11, 2019 – Best-Selling Albums Are Spending Less Time On Top

It sold more than 45 million copies, provided bedroom poster art to countless youngsters and propelled Pink Floyd, then a relatively obscure English rock band, to international stardom. The Dark Side of the Moon has earned countless accolades since its release in 1973. Among its most extraordinary achievements is the time it spent on Billboard’s 200 album chart: 943 weeks, the equivalent of 18 years. Such feats are becoming ever less common, according to a recent paper by Lukas Schneider and Claudius Gros of the Goethe University in Frankfurt.... Read More

November 8, 2019 – Gen Xers, Millennials and Even Some Gen Zs Choose Vinyl and Drive Record Sales Up

Sales data shows that cassettes first surpassed vinyl LP sales in the U.S. in 1983. Then CDs surpassed cassette sales in 1991. At that point, vinyl LPs disappeared from most music stores, remaining only a DJ specialty. They accounted for only 0.8 percent of total music sales. Tim Ford, vice president of purchasing at Sunrise Records, says he recalls feeling forced to buy CDs in the ’90s because they were cheaper than vinyl and more widely available for him as a broke teenager.... Read More