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Association News

September 26, 2023 – The Future of What Episode #215 — Generative AI In Film, TV & Other Entertainment Spaces

While generative AI can be used to help human creators develop original works, concerns exist as major film & TV studios stand to reap huge financial benefits by using the technology to wholesale develop screenplays or substitute in digital recreations of actors. This is one of the pillars of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, as workers in the creative industry fight for regulations on the technology to ensure they are not exploited for the sake of corporate profits.... Listen

September 6, 2023 – The Future of What Episode #214 — Music Fights Fraud: A Discussion on Streaming Fraud with CD Baby’s Christine Barnum

Recent months have shown an uptick in the frequency and variety of fraudulent music streaming practices, allowing bad actors to collect undue revenue by criminally inflating the number of streams for tracks they upload to DSPs. In the first of two episodes this Fall covering music streaming fraud, we talk to CD Baby’s Chief Revenue Officer, Christine Barnum about the history of fraudulent behavior since the start of digital music sales, CD Baby’s participation in the Music Fights Fraud initiative,... Listen

August 23, 2023 – [Keeping Tempo With Music Biz] — Tackling the Challenges Presented by Generative AI in Music: An Interview with ARS Counsel’s Almuhtada Smith

As with the advent of most new technologies, the arrival of Generative AI tools poses unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the music industry ecosystem. While some artists are already using these tools as an additive element to their creative process, bad actors have found ways to exploit them by posting fake tracks modeled after, and attributed to, today’s most popular artists to DSPs for monetary gain. Moreover, there are serious ethical concerns over exploitation of culture and perpetuating stereotypes due to the nature of AI models being based on existing art.... Read More

Member Updates

September 28, 2023 – Music Biz Member Virgin Music Strikes Partnership With Independent Management Firm Position Music

Virgin Music has partnered with independent music management firm, Position Music to distribute the label’s existing catalog and new releases. Per the partnership, Virgin Music will assist in promoting and marketing Position Music’s frontline label roster of artists, which includes Kid Bloom, Ryan Oakes, Kyle Dion, Layto, 2WEI and Blackway. The firm will continue to develop their roster under the Virgin Music team.  “Position Music is at the centre of the creative community and is connected with some of the best creative minds in the business,” said Jacqueline Saturn,... Read More

September 27, 2023 – Music Biz Member Universal Music Group Partners With Arianna Hugginton’s Thrive Global

Universal Music Group has struck a new partnership with Arianna Hugginton’s wellness brand, Thrive Global. Per the partnership, UMG will become the exclusive music partner for the brand’s Thrive Rest stress management tool. The deal was announced by UMG Chairman & CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge during the Havas Health Music + Health summit in Los Angeles.  “Throughout my life, I have experienced countless examples of how music can change people’s mood, comfort them in times of emotional crisis,... Read More

September 26, 2023 – Music Biz Member Downtown Music Holdings Appoints Pieter van Rijn As Board Member

Downtown Music Holdings has appointed Pieter van Rijn, President of the business and professional services division, to the group’s board of directors. Rijn joins Downtown’s existing board which includes independent directors Alison Moore and Kelli Turner. “Pieter is an exceptional executive who has played a key role in transforming Downtown Music into the market leader for business and professional services,” said Justin Kalifowitz, Downtown’s Founder and Executive Chairman. “We are looking forward to welcoming Pieter to the board as we continue to chart the future of the company.”  Click here to read more from Music Week.... Read More

Industry Analysis

January 6, 2022 – In The Realm Of Podcasting, The US Is The Global Leader In All Respects

The US is the undisputed front-runner within the global podcasting ecosystem, in terms of both content production and listener adoption. In 2021, 40.0% of US internet users will listen to a podcast at least once per month. No other country comes close to matching this figure (Sweden, home of Spotify, will be in second place with 34.6%). The US will also have the most monthly podcast listeners, at 117.8 million—over 40 million more than our aggregate figure for Europe.... Read More

November 10, 2021 – Six Reasons Why Regionality Still Matters For The Global Music Streaming Business

You’d be forgiven for thinking that music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music have rendered local listening habits and cultures less relevant. After all, music streaming is now available in most parts of the world and allows users to listen to artists from across the globe. In many ways, music has never been more accessible. Yet the importance of regionality persists, even with increased global connectivity. From local scenes to national laws,... Read More

October 13, 2021 – RIAA Releases 2021 Mid-Year Latin Music Revenues Report

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has published its latest mid-year Latin music revenues report, showcasing a 37% growth for U.S. revenues to $407 million during the first half of 2021 (1H 2021). Streaming format revenues for Latin music also grew 37% year over year. Overall, Latin music’s growth in the U.S. outpaced that of overall U.S. revenues, growing in share to 5.8%. Click here to read more and access the report in full.... Read More