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September 17, 2020 – How USPS Pandemonium Threatens Indie Musicians and Labels

Mississippi indie label Fat Possum Records was deep into shipping copies of veteran punk band X’s first album in 27 years, Alphabetland, when they were faced with an unprecedented problem: How do you fit 1,000 vinyl records into a postal worker’s Jeep Cherokee? Read more from Rolling Stone.... Read More

September 17, 2020 – Podcasting Is a Bright Spot amid Declining Digital Radio Spending

Digital radio spending has declined during the pandemic, which is in line with reduced advertiser demand. But podcast advertising remains a bright spot of growth within digital radio. Spending on all types of podcast ads, including host-read sponsorships, will rise by 10.4% this year to more than $780 million. Next year, podcast ad spending will surpass $1 billion in the US for the first time as growth rebounds to 44.9%. That will boost podcast advertising to almost one-quarter of the digital radio ad market.... Read More

September 16, 2020 – How Working From Home Is Shaping Consumers’ Power of Choice

According to the Nielsen Remote Workers Consumer Survey, work-from-home consumers are largely enjoying this change in daily routine, as it’s allowed them to strike a better balance between working and living their best lives. And to no surprise, the new normal includes a heavy dose of media consumption. To learn more, we spoke with Peter Katsingris, SVP of Audience Insights, who provides additional insight into how consumers are settling into a reality where the lines between work and home life are blurring.... Read More

September 16, 2020 – Only 9% of Ad Buyers Have a Clear Budget for Next Year

Seven months into the novel coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., ad buyers are still entering the market with uncertainty. Spending on traditional offline media is expected to be slashed by almost a third, although this could be offset by the continued rise in digital media investment by advertisers. Read more from Adweek.... Read More

September 15, 2020 – Billboard Launches New Global Charts

For the first time, Billboard and MRC unveil two authoritative charts ranking the top songs globally. The new weekly charts, the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. U.S., are based on worldwide streams and download sales and will give an accurate glimpse into the most popular songs on the planet. Read more from Billboard.... Read More

September 11, 2020 – RIAA Releases Mid-Year 2020 Recorded Music Revenue Report

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has released its 2020 Mid-Year report cataloging revenues of recorded music in the U.S. across all formats, which also explores the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on paid music consumption. Despite the pandemic, the report finds that total U.S. revenues from recorded music in the first six months of the year increased by 5.6% to $5.7 billion. Paid streaming subscriptions, which jumped up 24% in H1 2020, continue to be the major driver of growth in the recorded music sector.... Read More

September 10, 2020 – US Ecommerce Sales Grew by Nearly a Third in Q2

Under stay-at-home orders, US consumers shopped heavily online, as expected: In Q2 2020, US retail ecommerce sales grew by almost a third (31.8%) from the previous quarter, or 44.5% year over year, per the US Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce (DOC). That’s $211.51 billion in Q2 2020, up from $160.41 billion in Q1 2020. This strong ecommerce growth wasn’t enough to offset losses from brick-and-mortar store closures, however, as total retail sales dropped 3.9% from the prior quarter.... Read More

September 9, 2020 – How Working From Home is Shaping Consumer’s Power of Choice

Nielsen has been tracking the impact of digital connectivity on media consumption for quite some time, as many Americans have come to enjoy the freedoms that come with accessing what they want when they want it. Now, with many Americans shifting from working in traditional offices to working at home, we’re seeing the power of choice play out in how they manage the balance between living and working in the same place. Read more from Nielsen.... Read More

September 8, 2020 – Why Companies Are Buying Up the Rights To Thousands Of Songs

There those within the music industry — artists, especially — who believe technology has devalued music to the point where it’s worth almost nothing. Royalties from the sales of things like compact discs have dropped to almost nothing while streaming pays a pittance of what physical music used to provide. But a lucky few are making more money than they ever thought possible, thanks to a burgeoning gold rush where a couple of forward-looking companies are gobbling up massive amounts of intellectual property.... Read More

September 3, 2020 – Discogs Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis and Database Highlights: Music Sales in 2020

In January, we could not predict the global COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on small businesses. However, the data in the Discogs Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis and Database Highlights 2020 proves that music fans are resilient, active, and enthusiastic. Growth in global physical sales in the Marketplace is up 29.69% compared to the first half of 2019. With a 33.72% increase, vinyl sales have once again crossed a landmark milestone. To put that in perspective, this means that over 5.8 million records were sold between January and June.... Read More