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October 9, 2018 – Streaming platforms are feeding the growing boom in smart speakers such as Echo, Home and HomePod, study reveals

The markets for smart speakers and music streaming are becoming more interdependent, a new study suggests, as high-tech audio shifts the way consumers listen to music. In data prepared for The Music Business Association and provided exclusively to CNBC on Monday, market research firm AudienceNet said that music services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora are snagging a larger share of music consumption. The findings are part of a study called “Audiomonitor 2018: The Overall Music Listening Landscape,”... Read More

October 9, 2018 – IFPI Releases 2018 Music Consumer Insight Report

IFPI has today released its Music Consumer Insight Report 2018. The report examines the ways in which music consumers aged 16-64 engage with recorded music across 20 of the world’s largest music markets. IFPI commissioned AudienceNet to carry out the fieldwork for global research which explores the way consumers engage and access music across licensed and unlicensed services. The research was conducted amongst a demographically representative sample of the online population aged 16-64 in the following eighteen territories: Argentina,... Read More

October 3, 2018 – Despite Their Vast Capabilities, Smart Speakers Are All About The Music

According to findings from Nielsen’s MediaTech Trender Survey, a quarterly consumer tracking survey that focuses on perceptions of emerging devices and services that are shaping media use today, smart speakers are a burgeoning interactive technology that offer consumers useful, cutting-edge capabilities. Of the U.S. homes that have a smart speaker, four out of 10 have more than one device in the household. Furthermore, 62% of smart speaker owners first started using the device within the last six months,... Read More

October 2, 2018 – On-Demand Streaming Segment Expected to Grow Globally Through 2026

Music streaming has witnessed an upsurge in the past three years with increasing digitalization and increasing adoption of digital music, according to a new report from Persistence Market Research. As a result of increasing adoption of music streaming, a decline in the market share of downloaded music, in the global digital music market, is witnessed, in terms of value. In the report, PMR has segmented the global music streaming market on the basis of type of streaming,... Read More

October 1, 2018 – CD Sales Are Not Dying, But They Are Heading Towards Niche Status Like Vinyl: Analysis

The mid-year installment of the RIAA’s outlook on how the U.S. music industry is performing created quite a stir when it counted sales of compact discs in the first half of 2018 at 18.6 million, worth $245.9 million. That number, compared to the first six months of 2017, translates to a 46.9 percent drop on a unit basis and a 41.5 percent drop on a dollar basis, from 35 million units and $420 million. It’s clear the CD is definitely on its way to being a niche business like vinyl,... Read More

September 26, 2018 – More Millennials, Gen Z Are Using Social Apps

Younger internet users are spending more time on social apps this year, according to a May 2018 survey from social video marketing agency VidMob. And no one more so than Gen Z. Of the 1,000 US internet users surveyed, more than half (56%) of Gen Zers, ages 16 to 24, said they had increased their use of Snapchat in the past year, and another 55% of respondents said they are using Instagram more. And those weren’t the only mobile apps where usage increased.... Read More

September 24, 2018 – 5 Ways to Help Your Music Get Discovered in the New Digital Age

The Outline recently published an article titled, “Finding New Music in the Algorithm Age.” The piece collects input from six experts and industry veterans, people who work with artists day in and day out, about where they turn to find out about new music in the changing digital landscape of music discovery. This analysis of the article by Soundfly selects some of the interesting points gleaned from these conversations, and reframes them as advice for artists looking to increase their chances of being discovered online — from leveraging the advantages that online platforms provide to ensuring that tried-and-true methods of artist outreach are not overlooked.... Read More

September 20, 2018 – 2018 Mid-Year RIAA Music Shipment and Revenue Statistics: Comment From Music Biz President James Donio

James Donio, President of the Music Business Association (Music Biz), offered the following comments on the 2018 Mid-Year RIAA Music Shipment and Revenue Statistics report, released today. “The ever-increasing dominance of streaming as the primary means of music consumption continues to be extremely fruitful, as shown in the RIAA 2018 Mid-Year Music Revenues Report published today. Despite the ongoing declines in both physical and digital purchasing behavior — with the sole exception of vinyl which is up 13% — the industry still grew significantly over the midpoint of last year.... Read More

September 14, 2018 – Mid-Year 2018 Streaming Market Shares

Music subscribers grew by 16% in the first half of 2018 to reach 229.5 million, up from 198.6 million at the end of 2017. Year-on-year the global subscriber base increased by 38%, adding 62.8 million subscribers. This represents strong but sustained growth: 60.8 million net new subscribers were added between H1 2016 and H1 2017. This indicates that subscriber growth remains on the faster-growth midpoint of the S-curve. MIDiA maintains its viewpoint that this growth phase will last through the remainder of 2018 and likely until mid-2019.... Read More

September 13, 2018 – 90% of Live Music Fans Say Brands Can Actually Enhance the Experience

While it may be harder than ever for brands to connect with consumers, live music events continue to be one of the best places to do so, according to a new global study from Live Nation. The study—which included a survey of 22,500 people ages 13 to 49 in 11 countries, 75 qualitative ethnographies and a biometric study—showed that 90 percent of live music fans believe brands have the power to elevate the concert or festival experience. ... Read More