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August 22, 2019 – What Could Have Been: Thrash Metal Band Slayer As Primary NASCAR Team Sponsor

On the entertainment tie-in side of things, when you think of NASCAR you think Country music or some crossover derivative. NASCAR and Kid Rock? Check. NASCAR and thrash metal band Slayer? Wait. What? If the idea of having one of the heaviest of heavy metal bands of all-time associated with NASCAR sounds like something more akin to the movie Talladega Nights, think again. Click here to read more.... Read More

August 21, 2019 – How Blockchain Is About To Change The Music Industry

The shift in music-making from analogue to digital has changed the music scene significantly in a permanent manner. With increased accessibility to music-making thanks to the digitalization of music production, competition is fierce with more players in the market due to the lower threshold. Thousands of songs are released daily with more and more musicians seeking to make it big in the pop scene. In this competitive environment, a trend has emerged in the music industry for survival and a greater chance at success: collaboration,... Read More

August 19, 2019 – Four Music Industry Trends and Predictions

The music industry is evolving faster than ever. Each year new platforms and mediums skyrocket to prominence, minting household names and reshaping the way audiences connect with artists (see: Tik Tok and Lil Nas X). Simultaneously, new technologies put creative tools into the hands of people who previously couldn’t access them. This article offers a series of viewpoints and perspectives to give you a collective (though not definitive) outlook of the future of the music industry.... Read More

August 16, 2019 – Marketers in Canada Turn to Podcasts for Brand Awareness

In Canada, podcasts are increasingly becoming part of advertisers’ content marketing menu, and many brands are investing in podcasts to deliver branded or sponsored content. And there’s good reason for them to do so: According to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, about a third (29%) of internet users in Canada listen to podcasts. A May 2019 study from Edison Research and Triton Digital found that 36% of consumers in Canada listened to podcasts monthly in 2019,... Read More

August 15, 2019 – Money-Inspired Music And Why Hip-Hop Tops The Charts

It used to be all about the Benjamins, all about the cold hard cash – in this case, U.S. $100 bills, as expressed in a Puff Daddy track from 1997. But rap music and hip-hop culture – arguably the greatest global culture force of this and the last generation – is moving on from cash, reflecting trends in the worldwide digital economy. These days, it’s becoming more about the digital payments instead of paper currency. The August pages of The Wall Street Journal have taken notice.... Read More

August 14, 2019 – How Pop Stars Are Benefiting From the Netflix Boom

Everyone’s done it. It’s Netflix-and-chill time, and a song comes on. A few quick taps on the phone and that song — say, Jay-Z’s “U Don’t Know” from When They See Us, or Gemma Ray’s “Caldera, Caldera!” from Russian Doll— is now on a playlist and in the rotation. With Netflix producing so much original programming — in 2018, it put out nearly 1,500 hours of original productions, including roughly 300 original series globally — and commercial music integral to the tone of those shows,... Read More

August 8, 2019 – How Video Game Music Is Driving A Vinyl Record Resurgence

Cuphead. Persona 5. Undertale. Sunset Riders. The Legend of Zelda. Fans know these titles first and foremost as video games, but they all have something else in common, too: each of them has inspired a vinyl record that has charted on the Billboard 200. iam8bit, the first label dedicated predominantly to vinyl video game soundtracks, says they’ve sold 200,000 albums to date, a number that includes six Billboard chart-toppers (the titles above plus a record based on the animated show Steven Universe).... Read More

August 6, 2019 – Cassettes Are Back, and It’s Not About the Music

In the U.K., cassette sales were up 112 percent year on year in the first half of 2019, even if that means only 36,000 cassettes were sold. Sales in the U.S. are growing, too. In part, the cassette phenomenon is driven by the various mixtapes related to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, in which a cassette tape plays an important, emotional part in the plot. In a similar way, the movie Baby Driver, in which the protagonist listens to music on iPods, ... Read More

August 5, 2019 – Back To School 2019: Mobile Shopping, Midsummer Sales and Big-Box Retailers Dominate This Year’s Trends

Amazon Prime Day serves as the unofficial kickoff to the back-to-school shopping season, and spending on back-to-school items is expected to reach $26.2 billion in 2019, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Back-to-school spending will decrease by 4.7 percent compared with 2018, per the NRF. However, the drop could be explained by the particularly strong 2017 shopping season, where spending reached a seven-year peak of $29.5 billion. The average mean spending between 2013 and 2019 was $26.9 billion.... Read More

August 2, 2019 – Software and Hardware Cause Dip in May 2019 Games Spending

In May 2019, U.S. video game spending across hardware, software, accessories, and game cards totaled 641 million, 11 percent lower than last year. Total May 2019 spending on accessories and game cards was flat when compared to a year ago, at $230 million. Declines in both software and hardware spending drove overall performance downward. In addition, total dollar sales of new releases were the lowest for new releases in a may month since May 1998. Click here to read more.... Read More