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March 22, 2021 – Mobile Device Share of Listening On Track To Surpass Traditional Radio Receivers in the U.S.

Listening on a mobile device now accounts for 30% of all time spent listening to audio by those age 13+ in the U.S., an increase of 67% since 2014, according to the latest Share of Ear® report from Edison Research. Listening on a mobile device has been growing steadily since Edison Research’s Share of Ear study began tracking audio consumption among Americans in 2014. The gap between listening on a traditional radio receiver and a mobile device among those age 13+ has narrowed remarkably quickly since 2014: 31 percentage points separated the two in 2014 and only five percentage points separate the two today.... Read More

March 21, 2021 – Fans Come First in the Attention Recession

As vaccine rollouts gain momentum, the clock is ticking on the attention boom enabled by lockdowns over the last 12 months. The 12% of additional time spent on entertainment is going to contract sharply as consumers are freed to spend time outside of their homes on pre-pandemic activities and compelled to take back up the commute. Some of this attention time will remain, making the recessionary environment expanded from pre-pandemic. The normalization of home working, already made policy by companies such as Unilever,... Read More

March 18, 2021 – The ABCs of NFTs: A Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens, the Cryptomedia Trend Bringing Ownership to the Internet

In recent months, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have skyrocketed in popularity, leading a digital flower to sell for $20,000, a looping video clip for $26,128, a sock for $60,000 and a LeBron James clip for $99,999. You can be sure where there’s this level of hype in consumer behavior, brands are keen to get in on it. February has been explosive for NFTs. In the span of two days, online personality Logan Paul made more than $5 million selling NFTs,... Read More

March 17, 2021 – The Fan Data Goldmine

Jessie Reyez loves to text, especially with fans. Using a phone number assigned through the celebrity text-messaging startup Community and shared on her social media accounts, the singer-songwriter makes time nearly every day to have one-on-one conversations with her most dedicated supporters where they share memes and talk about their lives. “Some really kind fans send me heartfelt messages, and we have exchanges regularly now that I have them in my favorites,” says Reyez. “Distance between humans seems to be getting larger and larger.... Read More

March 10, 2021 – From MIDiA: Clubhouse and the Next Evolution of Audio

Audio has seen an overall boom during the last year, with audiobooks alone significantly gaining consumer attention time and attracting audience over from radio. Podcasts have also grown in the lockdown periods, as background audio surges into the space left behind by contextual ambiance. The cultural value of the background human conversation has, perhaps, grown beyond ‘audio’ itself, however. The continued popularity of library TV shows like The Office (U.S.) and Friends (which remained in second place on the Index Score on MIDiA Index over the last 90 days) perhaps hints at a consumption evolution for video streaming – filling a subsidiary role as audio (with a side of visual) as a backdrop to daily life at home.... Read More

March 8, 2021 – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: An Inside Look at the New Era of Music Documentaries

Billie Eilish knew what she was getting herself into. “I grew up loving documentaries like Believe and Never Say Never,” admits the 19-year-old music phenom, referencing Justin Bieber’s popular concert films. So when a camera crew showed up at her childhood home in Los Angeles in 2018 to film a documentary about the making of her debut album, she welcomed them with open arms — if not exactly optimism. “My entire family and I thought, ‘Eh,... Read More

February 25, 2021 – Music APIs Are Exactly What the Industry Needs – Here’s Why

The following op-ed was penned for HypeBot by Adaptr CEO Jeff Yasuda, part of Music Biz member Feed Media Group. While the music industry demonstrated an impressive ability to bounce back thanks to its early adoption of streaming, keeping that momentum going will require a streamlining of the process through which tech companies get permission to license music. Anyone who has spent even a day in the music industry knows the significant complexities around music licensing.... Read More

February 25, 2021 – How the Pandemic has Accelerated Demand for Premium Audio Products

Over recent years, the audio market has witnessed a progressive shift to more premium products. Case in point with headphones and models such as the Apple AirPods Pro, along with the Sony WH-1000XM series, which have helped democratizing higher audio quality to the mass-market. This trend, which can be seen across most audio product categories, including wireless speakers and soundbars, took another turn in 2020. Consumers homebound due to the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity for premium audio product demand to thrive.... Read More

February 24, 2021 – Snapchat Surprises and Alternative Social Media Platforms Challenging the Giants

In a new podcast, eMarketer Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence Debra Aho Williamson discusses Snapchat’s latest earnings, what stands out, and how this year will look. She then talks about which alternative social media platforms are most likely to rival the giants in the near future and why. Listen in to this episode by clicking here.... Read More

February 23, 2021 – Seven in 10 Americans Say They Have Been Spending More Time Online This Year Than Ever Before

A new Google/Ipsos poll finds that 70% of Americans agree that they have been spending more time online this year than ever before. A majority also admit that they are more concerned now about their online safety, being hacked, and their privacy online than ever. When it comes to the security of their online accounts, less than half report being confident in these – and three quarters admit that they reuse a password for different online accounts at least occasionally.... Read More