This week, we’re glad to welcome short-form mobile video platform TikTok to the Music Business Association! Every day, millions of creators bring music to life on TikTok in videos ranging from dance challenges, DIY videos, cooking lessons, pet videos and beyond. TikTok’s platform has aided in breaking new talent, supporting established artists, and exposing new generations of fans to catalog artists. During one week this past April, for example, the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 included numerous songs that found footing on TikTok, including Doja Cat’s “Say So” and The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.”

By becoming Music Biz members, they are able to more intimately show support for the artists, managers and labels that benefit from the platform, and participate in business-defining conversations for years to come. Just last week, we were lucky enough to have reps from the TikTok team showcase how artists can best take advantage of their platform, as well as have the company’s Global Head of Music, Ole Obermann, share his insights on TikTok’s role in the modern music industry — you can learn more about the programs here.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Number of Years in Business: 2+

Number of Employees: 1,700

Company Contact: Tracy Gardner, Head of Label Licensing & Partnerships

Phone Number: (917) 744-1353