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November 7, 2019 – Music Biz Member Hit Songs Deconstructed Interviews Today’s Most Influential Songwriters on Billboard’s Chart Beat Podcast

Music Biz member Hit Songs Deconstructed, known for providing songwriting trend analysis to  what drives today’s chart-topping songs, recently interviewed a number of today’s most prominent songwriters as part of Billboard’s Chart Beat podcast.  Company founders Yael and David Penn recently sat down with Finneas, producer and brother of Pop star Billie Eilish, to discuss the success of her recent No. 1 hit “Bad Guy” and the specific components of the song that make it so unique.... Read More

November 4, 2019 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: AGD Entertainment

This week, we welcome AGD Entertainment to the Music Biz member community! Founded in 2014, AGD Entertainment aims to provide developing artists of any popularity or tenure the tools necessary to advance in their career. The company’s primary service is the Zero To 60 program, which assists artists with the setup and rollout of a project such as an EP or LP release. In 2017, the company established Balancing Art & Industry, an industry commentary and content site that offers educational opportunities for artists to learn about the music industry. ... Read More

October 30, 2019 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Vezt

Please welcome Vezt, the first fractional music IP marketplace, to the Music Biz member community! Vezt’s app-based platform allows creatives in the music business to monetize their song rights directly from the public, and uses blockchain technology to track transactions. Since launching in September of 2018, Vezt has successfully completed more than 23,000 transactions and paid more than $600,000 to rights holders on the platform. Click here to see hear Vezt Co-Founders Steve Stewart and Robert Menendez explain how the platform works on CheddarTV.... Read More

October 28, 2019 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Jason Moll, CPA

Please welcome Jason Moll, CPA to the Music Biz member community! Based in Nashville, the firm offers business management services to professionals in the music industry, as well as for other creative businesses including TV, film and publishing. The firm’s current industry clients include musicians, bands, producers, sound engineers, musical instrument companies, touring companies, record labels, artist management companies, music publishing companies, and music venues.  Although Jason Moll, CPA is located in the greater Nashville area,... Read More

October 25, 2019 – Music Biz Member Entertainment Intelligence Interviewed by Synchtank

Last week, Music Biz member Entertainment Intelligence was featured in an in-depth interview with Synchtank. In the piece, company founder Greg Delaney discussed Entertainment Intelligence’s origins, the company’s mission to obtain actionable listener and trend data for the music business, its new Indie Benchmark tool to assist members of the indie community, and much more. You can read the full interview at Synchtank’s website.... Read More

October 17, 2019 – Music Biz Member Napster Collaborates with Sony for 360 Reality Audio Streaming

Music Biz member Napster announced this week that it is collaborating with Sony to bring its new 360 Reality Audio streaming format to consumer companies globally next year via Powered by Napster, the company’s complete music and audio technology platform. The Powered by Napster platform offers companies a suite of solutions for music and media streaming, download infrastructure, applications, rights management, customer billing, royalty administration and business intelligence. Click here to learn more via Napster’s website.... Read More

October 16, 2019 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: DataArt

Please welcome Music Biz’s newest member: DataArt, a global tech consultancy with 20 locations in the US, Europe, and Latin America! DataArt offers a broad range of services — complex legacy system modernization, music software development, UX/UI design, systems integration, project management, business consulting, and team augmentation — with a recent focus on digital distribution, data management, and analytical solutions. The company just completed a project for a leading distribution company where they implemented a custom analytics dashboard to aggregate and display streaming data for their video,... Read More

October 11, 2019 – Music Biz Member Chartmetric Debuts New 6MO Report for H1 2019

Earlier this month, Music Biz member Chartmetric released their inaugural 6MO report covering industry insights from the first half of 2019. The report offers a robust look at playlist stats from across the major digital platforms, chart data, and more, and will be available on a semi-annual basis going forward. “It’s what our music analytics startup has been working toward since we started in 2016: providing a unique window into the artists, playlists, and music culture behind what you do every day,”... Read More

October 11, 2019 – Music Biz Member Epitaph Joins AMPED Distribution for Physical Distribution in the U.S.

In a press release this week, Music Biz member Epitaph announced that the label, along with its sister label Anti-, have tapped AMPED Distribution, the indie arm of member Alliance Entertainment, as their new distribution partner in the U.S. “We’re thrilled to be joining AMPED and look forward to many successful years together,” commented Epitaph/Anti- CEO Brett Gurewitz. “AMPED’s ability to quickly and continually supply brick and click outlets large and small with Epitaph Records and Anti- Records impressively diverse roster will help fans find their artist wherever they shop,” offered Dean Tabaac,... Read More

October 9, 2019 – Music Biz Partner DDEX Details New MEAD Metadata Standard

DDEX’s Mark Isherwood and Niels Rump to discuss the format in a Music Biz Webinar tomorrow In a press announcement late last week, international standards-setting organization DDEX detailed its Media Enrichment and Description (MEAD) standard, set to provide a new level of music metadata capabilities. The MEAD standard enables support for additional types of metadata that do not appear in Electronic Release Notification (ERN) messages from labels and distributors. MEAD will allow for over 30 types of additional data — including lyrics,... Read More