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March 1, 2017 – New Member Profile Feature: Source3

Company Name: Source3 Website: Location: New York, NY Number of Employees: 15 Number of Years in Business: 2 Primary Contact: Patrick Sullivan, CEO, Company Description: Source3 identifies the trademark and copyright in any product available online, including properties associated with film and tv, corporations, automotive, gaming, toys, music, sports, fashion and celebrities. We have compiled a comprehensive database of high-value intellectual property underlying the $260B global licensing industry. Looking to Gain as a Member: We’d like to gain networking with other members,... Read More

February 21, 2017 – New Member Profile Feature: AuDigent

Company Name: AuDigent Website: Location: Philadelphia, PA Number of Employees: 20 Number of Years in Business: 1 Primary Contact: Jon Gosier, Founder, Company Description: AuDigent is an audience measurement and monetization platform for influencers in music, sports and entertainment. We help brands that collectively spend more than $30 billion dollars on media discover and partner with the right influencers to target, and connect with their audiences, giving them the programmatic buying edge needed to maximize ROI.... Read More

February 7, 2017 – New Member Profile Feature: Label Logic

Company Name: Label Logic Website: Location: Los Angeles, CA Number of Employees: 2 Number of Years in Business: 2 Primary Contact: Jay Gilbert, Co-Founder of Digital Strategy, Company Description: Label Logic provides a full suite of record label services- digital strategy, product management, marketing, campaign management, and executive label functions-on a fee only basis. Primary Service/Product: Label Logic will supplement your team to build and execute plans for the new music business. ... Read More

January 23, 2017 – New Member Profile Feature: Newzik

Company Name: Newzik Website: Location: Paris, France Number of Employees: 8 Number of Years in Business: 4 Primary Contact: Aurelia Azoulay, Head of Business Development, Company Description: Newzik is a professional software on iPads that allows musicians to read, manage and annotate digital scores. Primary Service/Product: Newzik’s mission is is to improve the productivity for individual musicians and orchestras with an easy-to-use digital solution. Newzik tackles problems of shared annotations between musicians, seamless page turning and empowers conductors to control their orchestra members’... Read More

December 20, 2016 – New Member Profile Feature: Brooklyn Basement Records

Company Name: Brooklyn Basement Records Website: Location: Nashville, TN Number of Employees: 4 Number of Years in Business: 1 Primary Contact: Blair Clark, CEO/Founder, Company Description: Brooklyn Basement Records was founded with a DIY mentality and strives to work swiftly and intelligently in an ever-changing industry. The label works overtime developing their artists and seeking out new and creative opportunities to showcase their growing roster of talent. Primary Service/Product: We are an independent label responsible for the release and promotion of both up and coming &... Read More

November 21, 2016 – New Member Profile Feature: Jammber

Company Name: Jammber Website: Location: Chicago, IL Number of Employees: 12 Number of Years in Business: 3 Primary Contact: Ryan Shand, General Manager, Company Description: Jammber wins the hearts, minds & revenues of the majority of our market because we enrich the lives of people in the entertainment industry, all over the world, by giving them amazing tools that empower and enhance the creative process. Ultimately giving them brag-worthy superpowers & allowing them to do more of what they love.... Read More

November 1, 2016 – New Member Profile Feature: Exactuals

Company Name: Exactuals Website: Location: Los Angeles, CA Number of Employees: 25 Number of Years in Business: 8 Primary Contact: Bryan Walley, COO, Company Description: Exactuals works with all facets of the music industry to provide secure, transparent, and rapid payments. Our PaymentHub platform can integrate with your existing calculation systems or Exactuals can perform the royalties calculations on your behalf. Primary Service/Product: Our Software as a Service platform helps PROs, labels, licensing groups,... Read More

September 20, 2016 – New Member Profile Feature: Jaxsta

Company Name: Jaxsta Website: Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia Number of Employees: 12 Number of Years in Business: 1 Primary Contact: Jacqui Louez Schoorl, Co-Founder and CEO, Company Description: Jaxsta is a Massive Music Database. So much information on the music that we love is lost or misplaced. Jaxsta’s on a mission to track it all down, verify it, and share it with the world. It is about credit where credit is due.... Read More

August 18, 2016 – New Member Profile Feature: Adva Mobile

Company Name: Adva Mobile Website: Location: Westerly, RI Number of Employees: 2 Number of Years in Business: 8 Primary Contact: Jack Kelly, CEO, Company Description: Adva Mobile is technology and marketing services company dedicated to helping Artists acquire, engage, and sell to Fans on mobile phones. Primary Service/Product: We offer Artists a text marketing and email marketing platform that drives Fans to a mobile web app, where Fans can listen to music,... Read More

August 9, 2016 – New Member Profile Feature: QRATES

Company Name: QRATES Location: Tokyo, Japan Number of Employees: 7 Number of Years in Business: 1 Primary Contact: Taishi Fukuyama, Chief Marketing Officer, Company Description: QRATES is a music tech startup based in Tokyo, Japan.. Primary Service/Product: QRATES build online tools for artists and brands to create on demand vinyl records by crowdfunding. Most Recent Innovation/News Item: QRATES Add a Distribution Service to Their Crowdfunding Site Looking to Gain as a Member: We hope to connect with artists/labels and brands that can leverage our on-demand vinyl crowdfunding technology.... Read More