Music Biz Member Jammber Offers Business Management From Mobile App Suite

Jammber, a Music Biz member since 2016, has developed a suite of tools to manage everything from songwriting credits and rights management to ticketing and touring all from a group of apps on a mobile phone.

“Muse” gives collaborators a single platform to exchange lyrics and song ideas, while the company’s “Splits” app tracks ownership and credits of any eventual product from a collaboration. The company’s nStudio tracks songwriting credits to assist with chart and Grammy submission — through a partnership with Nielsen Music — and its “PinPoint” helps organize touring. The recording applications even have a presence feature so session musicians, songwriters and artists can actually be tagged in the studio while they’re working.

Read more about the suite of apps and the company’s journey in a recent article from TechCrunch.

In 2015, Jammber moved to Nashville as part of the first batch of companies in Project Music, a joint venture between the Country Music Association and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center meant to encourage the development of technology for the music industry. After much success, the company just raised $2.4 million in funding to take those new tools to a broader market.