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We welcome HIFI to the Music Biz member community! This financial rights organization for the music industry builds technologies & services designed to financially empower our members, while also developing advocacy among its membership for financial innovation & transparency that benefits the creative community. HIFI was recently profiled in Billboard, in an article covering their… Read More

April 22, 2021 – Exclusive Free Event For Our Members: Music Biz Meets Reeperbahn Festival

Learn From and Meet With Executives From All Around The Globe! Music Biz has once again partnered with Reeperbahn Festival International to host a curated set of programs and panels available just for our membership. On May 10 from 10 – 12pm CT, join us for a program set to explore the connections between the… Read More

April 22, 2021 – Music Biz Member LANDR Launches New Revisions Mastering Feature

Today, Music Biz member LANDR Audio announced the launch of Revisions, a new mastering feature in the LANDR platform that allows musicians to refine mastered tracks with greater precision to get closer to their creative vision. Artists can use Revisions to fine-tune EQ, loudness, sibilance and distortion, all without needing in-depth knowledge of audio mastering… Read More

April 21, 2021 – Music Biz Members Warner Music Group and Spotify Enter Podcast Development Deal

Warner Music Group (WMG) and Spotify have entered a new partnership to mutually develop a series of original podcasts built around WMG’s catalog of artists and songwriters. Podcasts developed as part of the partnership will made that tell stories, “behind some of the biggest hit songs and get an inside look at the work of their favorite… Read More

April 20, 2021 – Music Biz Member TikTok Debuts Immersive Music Creative Effects

Social video sharing platform TikTok has announced the debut of its first “Music Creative Effects,” a new feature added to the dedicated “Music” tab in the Creative Effects tray for users to further enhance their TikTok posts. The Music Visualizer effect tracks beats in real time to animate an other-worldly, retro greenscreen landscape that interacts… Read More

April 20, 2021 – WEBINAR — Final Countdown: Critical Article 17 Updates You Need To Know

The window of time in which Article 17 and the EU Copyright Directive must be implemented is tightening. Some EU member states have made advancements with their transpositions and we’re slowly finding out more about what each territory may pass into law, and how it will affect platforms, rightsholders and creators. In this Thursday’s two-hour… Read More

April 19, 2021 – SiriusXM Is Hiring — Senior Corporate Counsel

SiriusXM and Pandora have joined together to create the leading audio entertainment company in the U.S. Together, we are uniquely positioned to lead a new era of audio entertainment by delivering the most compelling subscription and ad-supported audio experiences to millions of listeners — in the car, at home and on the go. Our talent,… Read More

April 13, 2021 – [Keeping Tempo With Music Biz] Exploring the Evolution of the Music Publishing Landscape: Op-Ed By DataArt’s Sergey Bludov

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the light at the end of the tunnel is brightening as vaccines are rolled out to a growing number of global citizens. But once the dust has settled, what state will the music publishing industry be in, and how long will it take for publishing revenue and the overall marketplace… Read More

April 13, 2021 – Music Biz Member Single Music Adds ARIA Chart Reporting

Digital music sales & livestream ticketing platform, Single Music, has announced that its digital music sales stats in Australia will now be automatically reported to the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) charts. Reporting for the ARIA charts recently moved from Sundays to Fridays, giving artists and their teams, “a potential preview of what’s to come… Read More

April 12, 2021 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: PlayTreks

We’re thrilled to welcome PlayTreks to the Music Biz member community! The company’s machine learning/AI—driven marketing SaaS platform provides users with full transparency about the retail performance of content streams and sales across digital streaming platforms, social media networks, content sharing platforms and more. PlayTreks’ data analytics services can assist users in product development, identifying potential… Read More