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March 3, 2021 – Music Biz Member UMG Rebrands Caroline Worldwide as Virgin Music Label & Artist Services

Universal Music Group has launched Virgin Label Music to serve the company’s independent label & artist endeavors with a branding that is, “…inspired and influenced by the spirit and ethos of the iconic Virgin Records label.” In the U.S., Caroline will be renamed Virgin Label & Artist Services, and will continue under the leadership of Jacqueline Saturn, President, Virgin Music Label & Artist Services. Caroline operations in the U.K., German and France will also be renamed to Virgin Music Music Label &... Read More

March 3, 2021 – Music Biz Members DistroKid and Twitch Partner to Help Creators Become New Twitch Affiliates

DistroKid and Twitch have teamed up to create a streamlined path for qualifying creators in the DistroKid community to become Twitch Affiliates. This move will help artists establish a new income stream from streaming on Twitch, as Affiliates are able to earn money via channel subscriptions, ad placements and virtual “Bits” currency. In a blog post, DistroKid said the partnership came about from discussions to extend qualifications for the Affiliate program, “… to recognize the work that DistroKid members have put into creating music &... Read More

March 2, 2021 – SOCAN is Hiring! — Chief Membership Officer

Music Biz partner SOCAN is looking to hire a new Chief Membership Officer: Overall Responsibility: Lead the Member Services Department to champion and advocate for SOCAN members and clients ensuring pro-active service is provided through problem identification and resolution. Areas of the department include relationship management focused on recruitment, retention and repatriation also customer service and pro-active royalty tracking and query management. About SOCAN SOCAN is Canada’s largest member-based rights management organization. We serve and champion more than 160,000 music creators,... Read More

March 2, 2021 – Music Biz Member SoundCloud Preps Launch of User-Centric Royalty Payments Structure

SoundCloud today announced that starting April 1, 2021, it will begin implementing its own version of a user-centric royalty payment structure — dubbed “fan-powered royalties” — for its nearly 100,000 independent artists on the platform. User-centric payment systems distribute royalties to artists from a percentage of each music fan’s subscription fee, based on the artists or labels they individually listen to in a given month. This move differs from the typically implemented “pro rata” model,  where royalties are distributed based on each artist or label’s total market share of plays across a platform,... Read More

March 1, 2021 – Music Biz Member EMPIRE Opens West Asia & North Africa Division

EMPIRE has announced the expansion of its independent label services, publishing and distribution businesses into a new territory: North Africa and West Asia. To lead operations in the region, the company has hired Suhel Nafar as its new VP of Strategy & Market Development. Nafar previously served as Global Lead of Arab Music & Culture for Spotify, who helped the country launch in and specifically program content for the region, including more than 120 curated playlists tailor-made for the region.... Read More

February 24, 2021 – Music Biz Member Pex Secures $57 Million Investment Round

Music Biz member Pex announced this month that it has secured $57 million in investments, which it plans to use to scale up its Attribution Engine (AE) technology. Pex hails AE’s ability to analyze over 10,000 hours of content per minute to find all available audio & video copyright uses, attribute the copyrights to every owner, and ensure that rightsholders have properly licensed & cleared the copyright so creators are properly compensated. “My vision has always been to deliver a set of technologies that brought transparency,... Read More

February 24, 2021 – Music Biz Member Vevo Launches Moods AI Tool for Emotion-Based Ad Targeting

This month, Vevo has launched Moods, an AI-based tool that identifies and groups Vevo music videos by the mood they convey (i.e., fun, heartfelt, impassioned, empowering, etc.) in order to create more favorable brand-interaction experiences for consumers as they watch Vevo content. The company worked with music data company Musixmatch to build a proprietary model that matches videos with labels based on the energy and tone of each song. “With Moods, we can not only curate Vevo programming to better match a person’s mood,... Read More

February 23, 2021 – Music Biz Member Spotify Announces HiFi Tier, New Tools for Creators, and Global Expansion Plans

During their “Stream On” event this past Monday, Spotify announced a slew of new products and services marking significant steps to expand their platform in 2021 and beyond. This include a new HiFi high-resolution music streaming subscription tier set to launch some time this year, as well as new exclusive podcast content. Spotify also announced new and expanded tools in support of creatives, with its Canvas product being made available to all artists from here on out.... Read More

February 22, 2021 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Feed Media Group

Please join us in welcoming Feed Media Group to the Music Biz member community! The company is dedicated to innovation in music licensing and distribution with one goal in mind: help businesses of all shapes and sizes create amazing user experiences with music. Feed works with the industry to experiment with new solutions that both address the nuances of each licensing use case and that serve every stakeholder — rightsholders, businesses, and consumers alike. Its product powers non-interactive radio for apps,... Read More

February 17, 2021 – Music Biz Members UMG and TikTok Enter New Licensing & Artist Support Agreement

Universal Music Group and TikTok have announced a new partnership, including a renewed music licensing agreement, that will also allow the companies to collaborate on new initiatives involving digital marketing, A&R, user data and more. Under the terms, TikTok will compensate artists and songwriters from UMG and Universal Music Publishing Group when their music is used in video clips on its apps, allowing users to use clips from UMG’s full catalog of music across its network of labels,... Read More