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October 25, 2021 – Music Biz Member Spotify Adds Shopify Merch Sales To Artist Profiles

Music streaming service, Spotify has launched a new integration with e-commerce platform, Shopify that allows artists to connect their Spotify and Shopify profiles to sell their merchandise directly from Spotify’s user interface. Fans will then be able to browse whichever items artists choose to make available on the platform. “Artists today are entrepreneurial. They’re building multifaceted brands and businesses, and now we’re making it easier for them to meet fans where they are,” said Shopify’s Director of Product,... Read More

October 25, 2021 – Music Biz Member Facebook Launches New Audio Hub in U.S.

Social network Facebook has launched a new dedicated “Audio” hub to its mobile app in the U.S. This new destination will house all audio content the platform hosts — podcasts, Live Audio Rooms, and short-form audio — in one place. This launch also complements the company’s global expansion of its Live Audio Rooms offering, as well as the launch of its Soundbites offering for shorter audio clips. Facebook says the Audio hub will assist creators in having their shows found by new audiences,... Read More

October 25, 2021 – Music Biz Member Apple Music Debuts New Voice Plan

Music streaming service, Apple Music will debut a new subscription based around Apple’s Siri voice assistant. For $5 a month, users can access their favorite music and curated playlists solely via Siri. This launch comes after Apple built up its Siri integrations with its streaming service, allowing users to request music any playlists by a variety of moods they elicit or activities they compliment, such as hiking, cooking or relaxing. The Apple Music Voice Plan will be available later in Fall 2021 in 17 countries including the U.S.,... Read More

October 21, 2021 – Music Biz Member BMI Is Hiring

Celebrating over 80 years of service to songwriters, composers, music publishers and businesses, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) is a global leader in music rights management, serving as an advocate for the value of music. BMI represents the public performance rights in 18.7 million musical works created and owned by more than 1.2 million songwriters, composers, and music publishers. The company negotiates music license agreements and distributes the fees it generates as royalties to its affiliated writers and publishers when their songs are performed in public.... Read More

October 21, 2021 – Music Biz Member Utopia Music Acquires Emotional AI Startup, Musimap

Music-minded financial tech company, Utopia Music has acquired Musimap, a metadata enrichment startup that uses proprietary AI to generate “emotional” data for clients. This new data can be used to match playlists with personality profiles; search for similar songs; and create playlists based on certain genres, moods, and beyond.. “The acquisition of Musimap represents yet another milestone on our journey of becoming the world’s preferred technology supporting the entire music industry by creating new revenue streams,... Read More

October 21, 2021 – Music Biz Member Def Jam Names Lena Franklin as VP of Marketing

Def Jam has recruited Lena Franklin as the label’s new VP of Marketing. Franklin’s recent projects include Alessia Cara’s newest album, In the Meantime, and Ludacris’ Netflix children’s show, Karma’s World. Prior to joining the company, Franklin worked in Interscope Records’ marketing department for five years. “Def Jam has a rich history of breaking incredible artists,” said Franklin. I believe marketing is a core pillar of that success story, and I can’t wait to break the next generation of stars.”... Read More

October 19, 2021 – Music Biz Members MRC Data and Soundtrack Your Brand Share Study On Impact of Background Music In Retail, Hospitality Environments

MRC Data and Soundtrack Your Brand have partnered to conduct a study on U.S. consumers’ music listening habits while visiting brick-and-mortar businesses such as grocery stores and fitness centers. As U.S. consumers collectively make 90.9 billion business visits each year, the study reports that background music has the potential to reach 95% of U.S. adults. In addition, 79% of respondents notice music being played in the background to a varying degree. The findings also analyzed the following: Music has the ability to affect behavior like time and money spent at a businessHow listening to music that consumers enjoy will make them more likely to return to a businessThe competitive edge of businesses with an enjoyable atmosphere “The insights uncovered demonstrate the power of background music in engaging consumers,... Read More

October 19, 2021 – Music Biz Member HIFI Acquires The Music Fund To Power Artist Funding

Business and financial management platform, HIFI has acquired AI-powered artist funding startup, The Music Fund, which provides artists with funding solutions based on the performance of their music on digital streaming services. The Music Fund utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to offer artists up-front cash within 24 hours for a portion of their royalty income for a defined period of time. This business model also allows creators to retain 100% of their copyrights and all earnings from future releases.... Read More

October 18, 2021 – Music Biz Member UnitedMasters Teams With Coinbase to Allow Cryptocurrency Payments

Distribution and music services company, UnitedMasters has announced a new partnership with Coinbase, making the cryptocurrency platform’s payroll product and allowing its independent artists to be paid in crypto. Artists also now have access to Coinbase’s full slate of spending, earning, trading and borrowing tools as well. “Working with Coinbase to give independent artists the ability to be paid in crypto is a natural next step for us, using technology to ensure that the economics of the music business favor the creators behind it,”... Read More

October 18, 2021 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Session

This week, we welcome Session to the Music Biz Member community! Formed by Swedish music creators Björn Ulvaeus, Max Martin and Niclas Molinder, Session envisions a more transparent and fair music industry for creators all over the world. Through innovative technology and collaboration with industry partners, Session aims to create a trusted reference point, open to everyone who needs to register, credit and pay the right people. The company’s app collects and injects authoritative creator metadata into the music ecosystem,... Read More