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July 15, 2020 – Music Biz Member Music Millennium Donates Shopping Appointment Income to Local Venues

As various states begin implementing strategies to reopen local businesses, Music Biz member Music Millennium has started a unique program that both enforces social distancing practices and gives back to the local community. This independent record store, which has called Portland, OR home for more than 50 years, offered customers the opportunity to shop privately for an hour. Since the store closed three hours earlier than normal for COVID-19 safety procedures, this opened up the hour after the store closed for private shopping sessions.... Read More

July 13, 2020 – Music Biz Member Vydia Empowers Creators to Donate Royalties Percentage to Charities

Music Biz member Vydia has expanded their Royalty Center to include a new Charity Function, allowing artists to share streaming and download revenue from a project to a verified charity on a monthly basis. This opens them up to sharing part of the proceeds earned from an album to charity, or releasing a new single in support of a cause near and dear to them, for example. “I think Vydia understands the value of supporting the communities around the labels and artists they empower,”... Read More

July 13, 2020 – [MEMBER DISCOUNT] — VEVA Collect from VEVA Sound

Last week, Music Biz member VEVA Sound introduced VEVA Collect, the premier platform for project collaboration in the audio space. Ensure all of your credits are accurate for every stage of production from songwriting to mastering, keep your files safe, and collaborate in new ways. From podcasts to song catalogs to mixed and mastered projects, the best way to ensure that credits are accurate is to “Collect while you Create™.”  Music Biz members can access this exclusive discount by logging into the Member Discounts section of our site.... Read More

July 6, 2020 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Dare Records

Please welcome Dare Records, a record label distributed by Warner Music Group’s ADA group, to the Music Biz member community! Dare has projects in Jazz, Rap, Gospel, Rock, Country and Pop genres that “dare to challenge the listener’s discerning ear,” taking today’s music listeners on a musical odyssey.  Dare Records chose to become Music Biz members upon recommendation from a colleague who mentioned the number of benefits of attending our Annual Conference. Even in a year where that event is not taking place,... Read More

June 29, 2020 – Music Biz Member UnitedMasters Launches “Cash for Change” Social Justice Grant Program

In an effort to continue the current conversations around advancing social justice initiatives, Music Biz member UnitedMasters and partner Cash App will give $4,000 a day to artists who write the best protest music — $2,000 to the winning artist and $2,000 to a social justice organization of their choice. “Every day, thousands of artists are using our platform to share powerful messages with the world,” said President of UnitedMasters President and Music Biz Board Chair Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood.... Read More

June 22, 2020 – NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Sound Diplomacy

This week, we welcome Sound Diplomacy to the Music Biz member community! By offering research, financial impact and social impact work focused on music and nightlife, the company assists in the economic growth of cities and regions, as well as for the tourism and real estate sectors. While not selling products and services to the music industry, Sound Diplomacy works on behalf of music by advising cities and large organizations on how to best engage with the music ecosystem.... Read More

June 3, 2020 – Bandcamp to Donate Share of Juneteenth Sales to NAACP Legal Defense Fund

In light of the recent acts of racial violence, Bandcamp will donate 100% of their share of sales to NAACP Legal Defence fund, a national organization for enacting racial justice and change, every Juneteenth (June 19th). This act mirrors similar steps taken to waive their revenue share and financially support artists during the COVID-19 health crisis.  Click here to learn more about the Juneteenth initiative.... Read More

June 1, 2020 – Music Biz Member The Orchard Launches Updated OrchardGo App With Enhanced Social Features

Late last week, The Orchard launched the latest iteration of its OrchardGo app, which now allows Orchard partner artists and labels to analyze their entire presence across all their social channels on one dashboard. It also fosters further engagement by allowing artists to respond to their fans on their most engaged with content, and breaks down fam segments based by follower count and location. “Knowledge is power with OrchardGo, and artists can feel confident to leverage this intelligence to pursue meaningful connections with their audience,... Read More

May 27, 2020 – Music Biz Members AGD Entertainment and Symphonic Distribution Announce New Partnership

Music Biz members AGD Entertainment and Symphonic Distribution have announced a new partnership that will allow AGD’s artists to seek out a strong distribution partner that will complement the needs of their musical offerings and strong sense of brand identity. “Since the rise of digital streaming as a front runner for music and entertainment consumption, having a strong partnership with a distributor is vital to the success of an artist’s release,” said AGD Entertainment President Nathan Dohse.... Read More

May 15, 2020 – Music Biz Member AGD Entertainment Celebrates 6th Anniversary

Congratulations to artist services company AGD Entertainment, who are celebrating their sixth anniversary in 2020! “I’m proud to say that in our first six years of operation, we’ve stayed true to our mission to educate and inspire clients with our knowledgeable team of industry professionals,” says AGD Founder Nathan Dohse. “Through community collaboration, our company cultivates a fun environment with an emphasis on respect, creativity, and relationships. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation in the ever-changing entertainment industry.”... Read More