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December 14, 2022 – Music Biz Member Ingrooves Is Hiring — Social Media and Communications Manager

Ingrooves Music Group is a world leader in music distribution, marketing, and technology that empowers independent labels and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and thrive in the global music industry. Ingrooves offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes marketing strategy, insights and analytics, rights management, advertising, royalty accounting, video monetization, and music licensing, all accessible through an intuitive client platform. The company has offices throughout the United States (HQ), Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia,... Read More

December 14, 2022 – Music Biz Member DDEX Publishes ERN 4.3 Update and Catalogue Transfer Standard 1.0

DDEX has recently released version 4.3 of the Electronic Release Notification (ERN) that will add more functionality and reduce the complexities of earlier ERN versions. Within the update, DDEX has defined the operation of the ERN Choreography for Cloud Based Storage and the ERN Choreography for Web Services. ERN 4.3 also includes business benefits like data on immersive audio, sound recording, video clips, album visibility dates and more. Companies such as Universal Music Group, Beggars Group and Spotify have already committed to implementing ERN 4.3 due to its improved functionality.... Read More

December 15, 2022 – Music Biz Member Warner’s WMX Launches Three Music Channels on Roku Channel

Warner Music Group’s media and creative content division, WMX has partnered with Roku to launch three FAST (Free ad-supported streaming TV) channels on the Roku Channel. In light of the recent trend of music related TV channels debuting in the US, Warner says that the channels will focus on a specific genre and will be programmed based on consumer behavior insights. Along with music videos and concerts, the channels will feature original programming from WMG”S media brands including UPROXX,... Read More

December 15, 2022 – Music Biz Member Concord Issues $1.8BN Bond Offering, Backed by 1M+ Music Copyrights

On December 8th, Concord confirmed that the company has become the latest large music company to launch a bond offering via securitized royalties from copyrights. The company secured a $1.8 billion bond backed by music rights from Concord’s catalog from Apollo Global Management, originally priced at $1.65 billion. Concord claims that the transaction is, “…the largest asset-backed securitization offering of music rights in the industry to date in terms of both size of issuance and number of assets (over one million copyrights)”.... Read More

December 15, 2022 – Music Biz Member TuneCore Reaches $3 Billion by Artists

BELIEVE owned independent development company for self-releasing artists, TUNECORE, has generated $3 billion by artist. According to Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of BELIEVE, “The achievement of reaching $3 billion earned by self-releasing artists speaks volumes to the importance of supporting all creators equally. Which is why the whole artistic community must be nurtured without differentiation to allow the emergence of a new class of self-releasing artists that will be able to sustain themselves by making a living from their art.... Read More

December 14, 2022 – Music Biz Member Apple Releases Karaoke Feature on Apple Music

Apple Music has released a new karaoke feature with adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics called Apple Music Sing. Depending on the device, the feature will include multiple lyric views to help participants perform leads, duets and sing backup. In celebration of the feature’s debut, Apple has curated 50 dedicated companion playlists that will fully optimize the Apple Music Sing experience. The new karaoke feature will be available on IPhone, iPad, and the new Apple TV 4K to all Apple Music Subscribers later this month.... Read More

December 14, 2022 – Music Biz Member Cosynd Names Rhea Ghosh as Chief Marketing Officer

Copyright protection service, Cosynd has promoted Rhea Ghosh to the position of Chief Marketing Officer. She will be in charge of spearheading all communications initiatives and consumer brand marketing for the company, which will empower thousands of creators and copyright owners from across the globe. Ghosh will also be responsible for Cosynd’s advocacy initiatives with its partner network including companies like CD Baby, A2IM (American Association for Independent Music), The MLC, and more. With over a decade of experience,... Read More

December 13, 2022 – Music Biz Member Universal Recruits Alvaro Galbete-Velilla to Develop Web3 & Metaverse Opportunities

Universal Music Group has appointed Alvaro Galbete-Velilla as their new SVP, New Business. In his new role, he will work closely with the major label’s internal departments and key collaborators to develop opportunities in the Web3 and Metaverse sectors, and in other emerging areas of digital business development.. For more than 20 years, Galbete-Velilla has held leadership positions in the music and tech space. Prior to UMG, he served as SoundCloud’s Director of Business Development, and co-founded a DJ-oriented streaming platform named Pulselocker,... Read More

December 13, 2022 – Music Biz Member Session Partners with Brazil Collection Society, UBC

Sweden-based song data startup, Session has struck a partnership with the Brazilian Union of Composers (UBC). Per the one-year agreement, all UBC members will be granted access to the company’s Session Studio app for free. By using the Session app, UBC members can capture song and recording data at the point of creation and distribute that data to managers, labels, publishers, CMOs and digital service providers.  “We are delighted to be working hand-in-hand with UBC to ensure that collectively we make a tangible difference to the work life of a creator,” said Niclas Molinder,... Read More

December 12, 2022 – Music Biz Member SongVest Launches New Private Marketplace

SongVest has announced the launch of a new private marketplace of music catalogs ranging from the price of $1 million to more than $15 million. With the rapidly growing acquisition market for music catalogs of all sizes,  the company’s new initiative will address the needs of “mid-market” for potential buyers and sellers. SongVest looks to simplify this market segment by helping both brokers easily post their deals and buyers review & put forth offers. Potential buyers and sellers interested in accessing the private marketplace must submit a form on the SongVest site for consideration . ... Read More