Music Biz Member SoundCloud Debuts Next Pro Chart, Relaunches New & Hot Charts

Music streaming platform, SoundCloud has relaunched itsNew & Hot Charts, along with debuting a brand-new Next Pro Chart to spotlight emerging talent. The platform’s New & Hot Chart has been updated to promote SoundCloud’s fastest growing artists & music gaining traction. The Next Pro chart will highlight unsigned and independent artists. 

“For artists, both aspiring and established, charts are more than just numbers; they symbolise validation, credibility, and a gateway to opportunities like record label signings, festival bookings, award nominations, global tours, and more,” said Emmy Lovell, SoundCloud’s Global Head of Music. “SoundCloud recognizes the paramount importance of mainstream charts, such as Billboard and the Official Charts, as indicators of success in the music industry, and we’re thrilled to enhance our own presence and credibility in this dynamic landscape.”

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