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a conversation about streaming

February 26, 2015 – A Conversation About Streaming

A lot of the recent conversation around streaming has centered on the relationship of services to artists, or to debates about royalty and license terms. This conversation moved in a different direction, focusing on how consumers react to questions about streaming. Russ Crupnick of MusicWatch, formerly NPD Music, led this conversation with recent research on topics such as windowing, payment and pricing, and who the streaming audience is.

royalty solutions webinar

January 29, 2015 – Common Ground Webinar Featuring Royalty Solutions & Next Big Sound

Following a brief offering by Royalty Solutions, a comprehensive royalty processing and licensing for record labels and music publishers, data journalist with Next Big Sound, Liv Buli, walked listeners through Next Big Sounds latest “State Of The Industry,” identifying the major trends of online activity, analyzing music consumer behavior across the individual networks, and surfacing some of the most innovative and promising artist/brand endeavors that happened over the last year.

top 200 webinar

December 4, 2014 – Nielsen & Billboard on the New Billboard 200 Chart

Billboard’s VP of Charts & Data Development Silvio Pietroluongo joined Nielsen’s David Bakula during a presentation on changes in music consumption. They reviewed the revamped Billboard 200 chart that premiered earlier the same day. The chart upgrade, the most substantial methodology update since May 1991 when Billboard first used Nielsen's point-of-sale data, will include on-demand streaming and digital track sales.

digital crossroads webinar

November 11, 2014 – Digital Crossroads: Where Streaming Will Take The Music Industry

MIDiA Research’s Mark Mulligan built the case for why we are currently at a cross roads in the evolution of the music industry. Streaming is changing everything from record label business models through to how artists make a living and the rate of change is unprecedented. But for all of streaming’s FUD factor (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), it is also laying the foundation stones for the next chapter of music business. The shift in consumer behavior towards access based consumption – of which streaming is merely one manifestation – is a far more fundamental shift than the move to downloads and it requires an equally revolutionary response. Mulligan used extensive MIDiA data to explain just how and why this change is taking place and will make a case for the sort of change that is required.

indie retail webinar

October 2, 2014 – Common Ground Webinar – Indie Retail Community

Music Biz President James Donio will moderates a round-table with representatives of the independent retail community who will assess: 1) the status of the physical -- and especially vinyl -- product market thus far in 2014; 2) what’s ahead for the fourth quarter, including “Back To Black Friday”; and 3) strategies and trends in other countries and how the US compares. Participants include Michael Bunnell, Coalition Of Independent Music Stores (CIMS); Mike Fratt, Homer’s; Carrie Colliton, Record Store Day; Eric Levin, Criminal Records/Association Of Independent Media Stores (AIMS); and Dilyn Radakovitz, Dimple Records.

the infinite dial

May 1, 2014 – Triton Digital And Edison Media Research Present ‘The Infinite Dial’

The online audio world is ever-evolving and so are the habits of the modern-day listeners that create it. Join John Rosso, President of Marketing Development at Triton Digital and Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Edison Research as they unveil fresh insight into online audio from The Infinite Dial 2014, the latest in a long-running series of studies on consumer adoption of digital media.

altavoz webinar

April 24, 2014 – AltaVoz Webinar – Cryptocurrencies & Alternative Payments Benefit Entertainment Companies

The cryptocurrency or alternative payment market space is open for business and the entertainment industry can benefit from being the primary gateway for consumers to purchase music and other product using these payment systems. The most used cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and other alternative payment systems are becoming valid payment options for both consumers and many well-known retailers. This webinar is intended for entertainment commerce partners and technical staff. It included a general overview of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments and how it will pertain to the entertainment business.


January 23, 2014 – Streaming Music: The Consumer’s Choice

The world of streaming music gives listeners two options: The ad-supported model, in which advertisements are placed within a live stream making the music free for the listener, and the subscription model, in which a listener pays a monthly fee to listen to an uninterrupted stream of music. While both business models have their advantages, research suggests that ad-supported models are being increasingly embraced by consumers. Targeted audio advertising is native, unobtrusive yet effective, and best of all, accepted by the user as a reasonable value exchange for the service. Triton Digital is the leading technology and advertising services provider in the space and provided an overview of the market dynamics and enabling technologies.

virtual town hall

January 16, 2014 – Common Ground Virtual Town Hall

Now that the Music Biz rebrand is in full swing, President James Donio takes a few minutes to reflect on the outcomes of 2013 including a special discussion about year-end sales numbers with Nielsen's David Bakula and a demonstration of the recently launched Music Startup Network, a platform connecting music startups with rightsholders. Donio highlighted some of the Association's current initiatives, including a fun sales promotion in the works for Valentine's Day, and share some of the workgroup projects that will take shape of the next few months.

the rebrand webinar

October 24, 2013 – Common Ground Virtual Town Hall: The Rebrand

This first installment of the Common Ground Virtual Town Hall featured a Q&A between Music Biz President James Donio and HITS Magazine’s Mark Pearson. The two discussed the recent changes to the Music Biz organization and address questions about the transition.