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March 24, 2022 – Serving the Music Consumer with the Best Possible Experience

InnerCat’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Paris Cabezas demonstrates a unique new tool designed to super-serve music consumers while creating true engagement and valuable, actionable analytics. As a Spotify Platinum Preferred Provider and Google Partner, InnerCat Music Group is a one-stop shop for artist brand development. They created Play & Follow to facilitate conversions and engagement markers that can help artists and labels truly customize the smart link user experience.

February 24, 2022 – Effective Rights Management: The Orfium Suite

With technology at the service of efficient rights management, there is only one way to go: embrace its power! In this webinar, we will discuss how handling music copyrights, collecting and distributing royalties can now be more accurate, faster and transparent than ever, with the use of tech. Moreover, we will introduce innovative music tech company , Orfium, and its user-friendly suite. A tech solution to optimize end-to-end all collective management supply chain tasks (from collections to distributions) while unlocking potential royalty revenues with the help of Artificial & Business Intelligence (AI / BI) and cloud computing.

February 10, 2022 – Streaming Fraud: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Music streaming is expected to reach 1.2 billion paid consumers and generate $75 billion in revenue by 2030. With hundreds of DSPs and connected applications leveraging music worldwide, our industry is now poised to earn the kind of massive, stable & online revenues that make it a prime target for fraud, just like digital advertising, e-commerce and banking. This webinar will present learnings from other verticals affected by fraud, and share perspectives from industry insiders, technologists, academics and security experts from outside of music to scope the problem. They will then suggest paths that our industry can pursue to meet the expanding & evolving threat of fraud collectively and without wasted effort.

December 16, 2021 – Music Copyright Needs an Overhaul – Here’s How

Thanks to the music business’ constant digital evolution, there are now endless ways for artists to make money and reach fans. And this diversity of revenue streams will only continue to expand over the next decade. MIDiA Research suggests that the opportunity for short-term growth in monetization will come from recorded music streaming and sync. Yet longer-term growth will come from UGC and social, creator tools, livestream concerts, fandom and games. Those latter categories take music into a more experiential era, where more than just the recording is monetized. However, copyright hasn’t yet caught up and current rights frameworks will struggle to encompass the complexities of music’s experiential phase — one where music is no longer just about listening, and speed of innovation far outpaces speed of the industry’s infrastructure. In this webinar, Roberto Neri, Chief Operating Officer of fast-growing music tech company, Utopia Music, and MIDiA’s Managing Director, Mark Mulligan, present their solution: the establishment of an entirely new copyright framework, titled “Creator Rights."

December 9, 2021 – Transforming Marketing Buzz Into Revenue for Your Artist Brand

Likes don’t pay the rent. Streams, tickets sold, merch and syncs do. Although connecting the dots between marketing buzz and revenue is a serious struggle for many musicians and artist managers, there’s little disagreement about the importance of brand and fandom building. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of frictionless fan experience and will cover strategies and tools to convert marketing and social buzz into monthly listeners and sales.

December 2, 2021 – Leveraging Lyrics: Extract Value From Your Songs, New and Old

Ask not what you can do for your lyrics – ask what your lyrics can do for you! Whether you’re a label with a large catalog or an independent artist who owns their own songs, your lyrics have the potential to bring in money you may be missing out on. In this webinar, LyricFind Founder & CEO, Darryl Ballantyne, discusses how artists and labels are using catalog analysis and lyric videos to unlock additional revenue from their songs. He also shares how user-friendly tools like LyricFind’s lyric video creator and LyricIQ have helped facilitate easier lyric-focused content creation, as well as deliver important insights on songs for easier sync placement/playlisting.

November 4, 2021 – The Arrival of Immersive Music and Expanded Possibilities

There has been growing interest in immersive music recently, but for many, it’s still a relatively new area of exploration. As more companies from the service, hardware, or automotive sectors continue to adopt advanced Dolby Atmos sound technology as the next step change in music experiences, how can record labels and artist teams leverage this advancement for their creative and business pursuits? In this session, we explore this topic with Christine Thomas from Dolby’s music partnerships team in discussion with representatives from early adopters in the industry.

October 28, 2021 – Playlists and Beyond: Best Practices for Artists & Their Teams

Both Mike Warner and Andrea Young focus on the streaming ecosystem. Mike literally wrote the book on playlists (Work Hard Playlist Hard), and holds expertise as a curator, podcaster and independent artist. Andrea has worked with hundreds of artists and teams to build their digital presence on streaming platforms through exposure and feedback on playlists (and beyond), guiding artists through every step of the process, and is also a longtime curator. Both have strong independent experience in the streaming and playlisting space to share, providing value for artists, management teams, labels, and playlisting/streaming staff. In this webinar, this dynamic duo presents insights from their own case studies, along with follow-up action items, so creatives and those who support them can understand how to make the most of music release strategies, promotional tools, and tactics for fan development & artist branding.

October 7, 2021 – Discovery and Promotion in the Age of Metadata

Accurate metadata is the glue that binds together the entire music ecosystem. In this webinar, Jaxsta’s Chief Marketing Officer, Beth Appleton, discusses the role that verified credits play in discovering & promoting talent, and why it is essential that you take control of your data and the data of those who you represent.

September 23, 2021 – A Novel Approach for Streaming Concert and Ticketing

The recent global shift towards streaming live events will become a permanent way to amplify and complement in-person concert performances moving forward. After powering such concerts for the Black Eyed Peas, and other musical performances, this presentation and Q&A with Emmy-award winning technologist, Michelle Munson, discusses new technological innovations that help tackle some of the biggest financial challenges and opportunities in online ticketed performances. Specifically, Ms. Munson talks about how artists/publishers of all sizes can save costs and increase revenue over traditional platforms.  She also discusses retaining artist control and customization; 4K streaming quality; monetization, including minting NFTs and digital collectables; and more using Eluvio LIVE.