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September 12, 2019 – Music Metadata Matters: Strategize Your Approach to Effective Keywording for Your Music Library

Led by Marina Garza, founder of TagTeam Analysis and creator of the TuneTagger music tagging platform, this webinar explores techniques, methods and solutions when creating descriptive keyword systems and categorizations for your music from a granular approach. TuneTagger is a partially automated, web-based tagging platform that offers consistent and accurate descriptive keywords including genre, sub-genre, moods, style, instrumentation, sound alike references and track descriptions. If you represent albums and libraries of music, or if you are a composer or indie artist, this presentation offers an approach to tagging your music.

April 4, 2019 – Leadership Webinar Series: Session 3 — Engage and Mobilize Your Team

As part of our Leadership Webinar Series, Certified Executive Coach Ilana Zivkovich dives into the most impactful ways you can engage and mobilize your team. Once you have a firm command of your leadership presence, you can explore powerful ideas to motivate and engage the people you interact with every day. In this session, you wind ways to inspire creativity from the people you manage or partner with by understanding how best to reach them.

March 7, 2019 – Leadership Webinar Series: Session 2 — Creating Your Personal Brand

As part of our Leadership Webinar Series, Certified Executive Coach Adam Mirabella explains the importance of developing your personal brand and how to make yourself stand out in a meaningful way. Being in the entertainment business, we deal with artists’ brands all the time, but how many of us take time out to think about our professional brand? Learn ways to define and refine your brand to make an impression inside and outside your organization. A strong personal brand will bring new opportunities for you and your company.

February 28, 2019 – Pandora Webinar: Grow Through the Power of Pandora

Led by Next Big Sound’s Brittany Holloway (Manager, Artist & Industry Insights) and Heather Ellis (Manager, Artist Marketing Platform), this presentation will explore the data available to artists, managers, and labels with content on Pandora, equipping you to make smarter decisions and engage with Pandora’s suite of marketing tools. Join us for a walkthrough of Pandora’s tools, including Next Big Sound and AMP, with anecdotal best practices and examples of how these tools can be used effectively.

February 14, 2019 – Leadership Webinar Series: Session 1 — Leadership Foundations

The entertainment space continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. In the introduction to our four-part Leadership Webinar Series, presenters Adam Mirabella and Ilana Zivkovich will explore what foundations make for a strong, effective leader in our industry. Every leader is different, but all great leaders know where they want to take their team. Create the environment that allows your people to succeed. Own the leadership space that will propel you, your company and your career.

February 7, 2019 – Hit Songs Deconstructed Webinar: What’s the State of the Hot 100 Top 10?

Compositional analytics can be a powerful tool when it comes to making songwriting and business decisions. It can help you spot evolving and waning trends, select a single, determine the best time to release a song, and so much more. So, what compositional characteristics are trending in the Hot 100 Top 10? In this webinar, Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founders Yael and David Penn take you on a deep dive into the compositional trends driving the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10. During this presentation they will highlight trends that have been on the rise and in decline and spotlight trends for the Hip-Hop and non-Hip-Hop genres individually.


December 13, 2018 – AudienceNet Webinar: Your Questions Answered — Diversity of Consumption & Impact of International Music

Following up on a September webinar which explored the consumption habits of U.S. music fans, Robert Delmonte, Music & Entertainment Insight Lead for AudienceNet, will dive deeper into the following burning questions that Music Biz members were left with from the presentation: How Has Diversity In Music Tastes Affected Marketing Strategies? As tastes among music fans continue to diversify, it is becoming increasingly difficult to group consumers by their favorite genres. How can marketers analyze such diverse audiences to create actionable insights to inform tailored marketing messages? This follow-up report identifies different music fans, measuring their music listening, spending and discovery behaviors, in an attempt to create a more detailed picture of how different fans consume their favorite music. How Has International Music’s Rising Popularity Impacted Consumption? Between 2016 and 2017, the number of Spanish-language entries on the Billboard Hot 100 rose from 4 to 19, and at least 16 more charting singles in 2018 alone. Combined with the boom of chart-topping tracks from both K-Pop and BTS, it is clear that international music is proving to have a sustained impact on the US music charts. In a supporting infographic, AudienceNet outlines the growing appetite for international music among the US population, as well as behavior and perceptions, and asked consumers how they feel it will change their listening in the future. Join us for a deeper dive into the extensive research AudienceNet has already prepared on music consumption in the US.

October 18, 2018 – Jammber Webinar: Why Mobile is the Key to Organizing Creativity

Because it’s often very difficult to be organized while creating music, over 40% of the money that creators are owed is tied up by bad or wrong data. Jammber Creator Suite is the first mobile and collaborative suite of tools that solves these problems and allows creatives to #MakeWayForMusic. Jammber’s apps can manage everything from songwriting credits and rights management to ticketing and touring, all from a mobile phone. In this webinar, Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb shares how mobile technology can bring attribution and monetization closer to creators in the music industry. Sign-up to get a sneak peek of the apps and to claim your priority access for the beta.

October 4, 2018 – Exactuals Webinar: Perfecting Music Metadata Through Machine Learning

The music business has gone digital: it’s an indisputable fact. But despite nearly two decades of growth since the launch of the first online music stores in the early 2000s, the music industry still has a massive metadata problem. The lack of one unified standard and prevalence of poor-quality metadata means that many artists, labels, publishers, and other stakeholders are not being paid fairly for the use of their works, or not being paid at all. That’s where Exactuals’ RAI ( comes in. RAI is a software development kit and open API that allows music companies to programmatically correct and enhance song and recording metadata to meet the multiplicity of global digital distribution standards. Via machine learning and entity resolution, RAI optimizes and enhances music metadata for record labels, publishing companies, performance rights organizations (PROs), and digital service providers (DSPs) to ensure works are registered properly for royalty attribution. In this webinar, Exactuals Head of Music Product Chris McMurtry and Lindsay Conlin, who works in Music and Data Business Development at Exactuals, walk attendees through the process of adopting and utilizing RAI, explain why machine learning is key to perfecting metadata, and show how Exactuals is working with companies like DotBlockchain to solve the metadata problem.

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September 20, 2018 – Muzooka Webinar: How to Control Your Online Identity & Collect Your Live Performance Royalties

Have you ever spent hours trying to update media assets like an artist photo across individual ticketing, festival, or radio platforms, only to discover that some can’t even be directly managed? Do you know that you should be collecting royalties every time your songs are performed live? These are two common issues that independent artists face all the time, resulting in wasted time and lost revenue. Muzooka solves these problems. Our technology allows artists and their teams to manage their own digital media assets across multiple platforms from one central hub. Our Messenger Bot is also the fastest and easiest way to report live setlists to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) worldwide for proper royalty distribution. In this webinar, Muzooka Founder and CEO Shawn Wilson and VP of Business Development Christian Rutledge demonstrate the Muzooka platform, explaining how it can be used to streamline both asset management and setlist reporting for the music industry.