Recorded Webinars

Updated 3/26/20 — In a show of support for the industry at large during the COVID-19 health crisis, Music Biz has opened access to its back catalog of webinar recordings to members and non-members alike!

September 17, 2020 – Producing, Performing, and Potential Big Pay Days in a Changed World

2020 has screamed in our ear to adapt, overcome, evolve, and to not look back. Our first Fall 2020 webinar — hosted by Guiding Star Global — showcases innovative, powerful new tools for worldwide music collaboration, creation, performance and distribution that have evolved in the midst of chaos. The session presents details of a revolutionary, industry-changing leap forward in the realm of performance production and presentation with the potential to not only save the year for those willing to make bold moves, but is forecast to forever change the game — all while keeping everyone as safe as possible. Finally, we discuss how big paydays are not only possible, but how they will become more prevalent for those who embrace new financial models developed through the increased pressures on our industry through 2020.

June 18, 2020 – Futureproof Your IT Operations: Building Agile Businesses with Distributed Teams

Successful companies both big and small constantly push themselves to re-evaluate and renew all aspects of their organization: customer service, operations, supply chain, and key resource management. Smart use of technology — automation, data management, BI, web and mobile tools — is essential for this ongoing transformation. However, optimizing outdated business models may not be enough to thrive. As the latest health crisis has shown, sustainable success often rests on re-inventing the very essence of business models and being agile enough on the operational front to support such a move. Are your IT operations ready for the future? At DataArt, remote, distributed teams are supported by design – it’s in our DNA. And we believe that music businesses can benefit greatly by adopting the distributed team model. Whether you manage an in-house development team or working with third-party IT vendors, join us to discuss best practices and concerns of building agile IT operations when working remotely.

June 11, 2020 – The Music Fund and the Future of On-Demand Financing for Self-Directed Artists

As an independent artist or manager, how do you get funding to go on tour or make a video? Do you give up your future rights for a label deal? Make the effort to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? Or take an advance that you may not be able to pay back? The Music Fund offers a new on-demand financing option that turns your existing catalog royalties into upfront cash. You take on no debt, give up no rights to future work, and keep full control of your copyrights. Since The Music Fund only handles artist financing, there are no strings attached, and artists don’t need to distribute or publish through them. Think of it like a bank for the new generation of self-directed artists. In this webinar, The Music Fund founders John Funge and Thomas Jerde explain how to get funding in three easy steps and how it works behind the scenes. They will also discuss the concept of Big Hit Protection and their plans for future products aimed at self-directed artists.

May 28, 2020 – The Imminent Change in Professional Music Production

As technology rapidly advances, mobile devices have become a viable recording solution for musicians of all talent levels, from brand new songwriters to producers of popular worldwide acts. Gone are the days where musicians are forced to learn complicated software and techniques to create music ready for the masses. Join the audiobridge team as they discuss the future of professional recording software, how it will radically change in the next several years and what that means for creatives around the world.

May 21, 2020 – B2B Thought Leadership in the Music Industry

Publicity and marketing for a business-to-business (B2B) company is very different from that for a fan-facing company. While your peers may be constantly studying up on playlist promotion, audience building, direct-to-fan merch, and VIP clubs, what you need are high dollar clients, legitimacy with potential partners that can drive leads to you, and awareness by investors before they ever hear from you directly. In this webinar, you will learn about the variety of opportunities to increase mind share with your targets, including public speaking, social media, owned content like your blog or podcast, and media coverage. You will come to understand how to think about topics that position you well, and think through actions you can take to increase your thought leadership. Finally, you will learn how to utilize media coverage to amplify thought leadership you are already doing.

April 30, 2020 – Fitness and Music Education Fuel In-Home Music Experience Explosion

New ways to interact with music in the home have grown rapidly in the last few years, driven by new connected devices as well as compelling mobile & tablet applications that go beyond mere listening experiences. Fitness and music education are two categories seeing significant growth and executives from Peloton and Fender will share the creative ways they integrate music into their platforms to increase consumer engagement. This webinar – presented by Universal Music Group’s The Future Is Now initiative and moderated by UMG’s Bill Gagnon — will feature Gwen Bethel Riley, VP Music Partnerships at Peloton and Ethan Kaplan, General Manager at Fender Digital. Presenters will highlight the advancing landscape of the in-home experiences for fitness and music education, and how music integration strengthens the consumer experience. The Future Is Now experience debuted at the Annual Music Biz Conference in 2019. Be on the lookout for the experience to return to the Conference in August to showcase the newest technologies that are changing the way consumers experience music.

April 23, 2020 – Won’t You Be My Neighbor(ing Rights)

Do you know what neighboring rights are? Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or you’re an up and coming artist, comparatively few artists and managers know and/or understand what neighboring rights are, how to claim and collect them, and what they need to do to maximize these earnings. IAFAR, or the Independent Alliance for Artist Rights, is a new organization specifically formed to tackle issues across this income stream and our first port of call is to ensure that those who can earn neighboring rights money, understand how and when that is possible. This webinar — presented by IAFAR Board members Naomi Asher (Sony/ATV), Stacey Haber (The Music Firm), Shari Hoffman (Transparence Entertainment Group), Josh Graubart (Graubart Law) and Ann Tausis (Kobalt NR) — will dive head first into what neighboring rights (aka equitable remuneration) are, as well as dispelling myths and addressing income stream wide issues.

April 9, 2020 – Working in The Labz: Simplifying IP and Rights Management for Creatives

Music creators have lost an estimated $2.4B in unclaimed royalties due to lack of ownership or proof through documentation because they are faced with a currently complex structure for managing intellectual property and digital rights. The Labz platform offers a tangible, all-in-one solution for collaboration, file storage, and document management. The platform includes an ecosystem of tools that tracks the workflow of creatives so that establishing IP, control digital rights, and automate agreements are done easily, leaving them to do what they do best: CREATE! In this webinar, we will share how empowering creatives and businesses with a direct relationship to both monetize their work and the long term value of managing their IP leads to stronger economic activity across the music business.

April 2, 2020 – Overcoming Typical Challenges to Booking Gigs

Putting together a concert without risking out-of-pocket money? Selling advance tickets before setting show date and funding show production with fans funds? These are not just promo slogans. By crowdfunding shows directly from fans, you can make that happen. Join Show4me CEO Karén Chiftalaryan and Canadian Hip-Hop artist DJIBY as they share their experience with this concert financing model, answer your questions and provide you with all the info necessary to make your show successful with concert crowdfunding.

March 26, 2020 – Uncovering Breakthrough Artists with Data: Chartmetric’s 6MO Report (H2 2019)

Music analytics firm Chartmetric released its second 6MO report in March 2020, covering July through December 2019. New in this edition — a follow-up to the firm’s first 6MO report — are TikTok Trending tracks, Bandsintown Tracker gains, and a list of artists who received the most “first-time” playlist adds on streaming platforms in H2 2019. In this webinar, you can chat live with 6MO’s editors Jason Joven (Manager, Content & Insights) and Rutger Ansley Rosenborg (Digital Marketing Lead) as they present the issue exclusively for Music Biz members and answer any member questions.