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Our virtual events are a forum to showcase new products and services, give members important Association updates, and present the newest market and consumer intelligence from our trusted research partners. Past presenters have included Acquia, BandPage, Buzz Marketing, DDEX, Edison Research, Futuresource Consulting, MIDiA Research, MusicWatch, Neurotic Media, Nielsen Music, Parks Associates, Spotify, Synchtank, Triton Digital, and Tunesat, among others.

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December 13, 2018 – AudienceNet Webinar: Your Questions Answered — Diversity of Consumption & Impact of International Music

Following up on a September webinar which explored the consumption habits of U.S. music fans, Robert Delmonte, Music & Entertainment Insight Lead for AudienceNet, will dive deeper into the following burning questions that Music Biz members were left with from the presentation: How Has Diversity In Music Tastes Affected Marketing Strategies? As tastes among music fans continue to diversify, it is becoming increasingly difficult to group consumers by their favorite genres. How can marketers analyze such diverse audiences to create actionable insights to inform tailored marketing messages? This follow-up report identifies different music fans, measuring their music listening, spending and discovery behaviors, in an attempt to create a more detailed picture of how different fans consume their favorite music. How Has International Music’s Rising Popularity Impacted Consumption? Between 2016 and 2017, the number of Spanish-language entries on the Billboard Hot 100 rose from 4 to 19, and at least 16 more charting singles in 2018 alone. Combined with the boom of chart-topping tracks from both K-Pop and BTS, it is clear that international music is proving to have a sustained impact on the US music charts. In a supporting infographic, AudienceNet outlines the growing appetite for international music among the US population, as well as behavior and perceptions, and asked consumers how they feel it will change their listening in the future. Join us for a deeper dive into the extensive research AudienceNet has already prepared on music consumption in the US.

October 18, 2018 – Jammber Webinar: Why Mobile is the Key to Organizing Creativity

Because it’s often very difficult to be organized while creating music, over 40% of the money that creators are owed is tied up by bad or wrong data. Jammber Creator Suite is the first mobile and collaborative suite of tools that solves these problems and allows creatives to #MakeWayForMusic. Jammber’s apps can manage everything from songwriting credits and rights management to ticketing and touring, all from a mobile phone. In this webinar, Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb shares how mobile technology can bring attribution and monetization closer to creators in the music industry. Sign-up to get a sneak peek of the apps and to claim your priority access for the beta.

October 4, 2018 – Exactuals Webinar: Perfecting Music Metadata Through Machine Learning

The music business has gone digital: it’s an indisputable fact. But despite nearly two decades of growth since the launch of the first online music stores in the early 2000s, the music industry still has a massive metadata problem. The lack of one unified standard and prevalence of poor-quality metadata means that many artists, labels, publishers, and other stakeholders are not being paid fairly for the use of their works, or not being paid at all. That’s where Exactuals’ RAI ( comes in. RAI is a software development kit and open API that allows music companies to programmatically correct and enhance song and recording metadata to meet the multiplicity of global digital distribution standards. Via machine learning and entity resolution, RAI optimizes and enhances music metadata for record labels, publishing companies, performance rights organizations (PROs), and digital service providers (DSPs) to ensure works are registered properly for royalty attribution. In this webinar, Exactuals Head of Music Product Chris McMurtry and Lindsay Conlin, who works in Music and Data Business Development at Exactuals, walk attendees through the process of adopting and utilizing RAI, explain why machine learning is key to perfecting metadata, and show how Exactuals is working with companies like DotBlockchain to solve the metadata problem.

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September 20, 2018 – Muzooka Webinar: How to Control Your Online Identity & Collect Your Live Performance Royalties

Have you ever spent hours trying to update media assets like an artist photo across individual ticketing, festival, or radio platforms, only to discover that some can’t even be directly managed? Do you know that you should be collecting royalties every time your songs are performed live? These are two common issues that independent artists face all the time, resulting in wasted time and lost revenue. Muzooka solves these problems. Our technology allows artists and their teams to manage their own digital media assets across multiple platforms from one central hub. Our Messenger Bot is also the fastest and easiest way to report live setlists to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) worldwide for proper royalty distribution. In this webinar, Muzooka Founder and CEO Shawn Wilson and VP of Business Development Christian Rutledge demonstrate the Muzooka platform, explaining how it can be used to streamline both asset management and setlist reporting for the music industry.

September 14, 2018 – Music Consumption: The Overall Landscape 2018

Now in its third year, “Music Consumption: The Overall Landscape” provides a democratic measure of all audio consumption in the United States in a report prepared by Music Biz research partner AudienceNet. The report investigates audiences and tracks their behaviors across a range of topics, including music discovery and spending, paid uptake, usage and perceptions of music streaming services and the role of playlisting in music discovery. It is, therefore, an invaluable tool for any company or person operating within music, and the creative industries at large. This year’s report also features a brand-new investigation of smart speakers, measuring their adoption rates, use and overall impact on music consumption.

September 12, 2018 – Music Biz Physical Business Action Committee Update

A little over a year since the inception of Music Biz's Physical Business Action Committee and we are happy to report that we've met with 14 management companies, making great strides in ensuring that physical product is part of an artist's release strategy.  In addition to keeping the conversation going for the rest of 2018, the Committee will be launching a bi-monthly newsletter, planning for the annual Black Friday event, and so much more. 

April 27, 2018 – What’s Driving the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10?

Compositional analytics can be a powerful tool when it comes to making songwriting and business decisions. It can help you spot evolving and waning trends, select a single, determine the best time to release a song, and so much more. Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founders Yael and David Penn will help you gain an understanding of what’s driving the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 at the compositional level and show you how 2018 is shaping up when compared to 2017.

February 1, 2018 – Powering The Gig Economy of the Music Business

The nature of work in the music business is changing. Over 36% of the US workforce is freelancing and many millennials are forgoing the corporate path in favor of the gig economy. Others simply want a quality side hustle, and don’t want the hassle of generating leads or managing billing. Founded by a team of tech and music veterans, is a recently launched online marketplace where music companies at every level can find and hire qualified freelance promotion, marketing, street teams, video editing, social media, live crew and more.

December 8, 2017 – How To Earn More From Your Catalog: Best Practices From Synchtank

Looking to generate more revenue from your catalog, get an in-depth look at best practices for monetizing audio assets with April Flores, Manager of Film and TV Synchronisation at Disney Music, and Mike Falis, Account Manager at Synchtank. Learn how to improve your rights information and metadata management, the best practices for managing sales and pitches, get advice for making your catalogue visible to buyers, and learn the best methods for licensing your catalog, from bespoke requests to automated micro-licensing.

November 30, 2017 – How You Can Get Your Groove Back: Understanding Copyright Termination and Recapture

U.S. copyright law provides songwriters and recording artists with a powerful tool, the right to terminate copyright transfers and reclaim their music. Despite its power, the creator’s termination right is an industry secret that many artists, managers, and attorneys either do not understand or are unaware of the value of its application. Since 1978, even though a writer or artist signed a contract that transferred the copyrights in their songs to a publisher or label, 35 years later the writer or artist has the right to terminate that transfer and reclaim their music. (Separate rules apply to transfers made before 1978.) Recapturing copyrights can be a lucrative source of new revenue for creative professionals and their heirs, particularly artists active in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Music publishing and label executives, managers, attorneys, recording artists and songwriters should not miss this informative webinar presented by Robert King, CEO of Red Giant Rights Group and entertainment and intellectual property attorney and Belmont professor Vincent Peppe. The presentation will focus on the business and legal aspects of recapturing composition and sound recording rights for creators and their heirs.