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November 15, 2016 – Keeping It Real: Understanding Live Event Behavior & Sponsorship Opportunities

It’s common knowledge that emerging technology has transformed almost every aspect of music—from the devices themselves to how fans connect with it. But as this transformation continues, a counter-intuitive trend has emerged: The live event, a decidedly traditional format, is re-gaining importance. For the music industry, the renewed focus on live events stems largely from the gap between digital consumption and revenue: U.S. consumers are increasingly turning to online streaming services and video platforms to listen.... Read More

November 14, 2016 – [WEEKLY SALES] Bon Jovi’s ‘This House Is Not For Sale’ Debuts On Top

Music Biz President James Donio commented on the recent sales figures released by Nielsen (published in Billboard) and BuzzAngle Music (published in HITS): Legendary New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi claimed their sixth #1 album on the Nielsen and BuzzAngle Music charts this week with their new record, This House Is Not for Sale. It’s their fourth straight chart-topper and 13th album to reach the Top 10, with sales bolstered by a promotion in which those who bought a ticket to one of their live concerts also received a physical copy of the album.... Read More

November 11, 2016 – Two in Five Shoppers Want to Make More Mobile Payments

For the full article: Respondents in the US and Europe appeared less enthusiastic about the ability to buy products or services on their mobile devices. While 26% of Americans and 28% of Europeans said they looked forward to making more transactions on their mobile devices, more than half of internet users from Asia-Pacific (51%) or Latin America (65%) felt this way.... Read More

November 11, 2016 – Streaming Doesn’t Stop Stealing: New Research on Digital Piracy

Full article at: What makes people download pirated music? Karla Borja and Suzanne Dieringer, economists at the University of Tampa, surveyed 1,052 college students enrolled in introductory business classes at two Florida universities (one public and one private) in 2014 and 2015. Seventy-eight percent reported to have downloaded music illegally in the previous month. With a 21-question survey, the researchers tested six factors that they had hypothesized increase the likelihood a student will download pirated music,... Read More

November 8, 2016 – “The 50th Annul CMA Awards” Triggers Significant Increase in Country Music Album and Song Sales

Not only did Country fans tune in to watch Country Music’s Biggest Night™ on Nov. 2, but numbers indicate they were listening and engaged too. Last week’s national television broadcast of “The 50th Annual CMA Awards” saw a 37% gain in overall post show Country album sales and a 47% increase in sales for Country songs. For streaming consumption, Country Music also saw an average daily lift of nearly 2.8 million streams per day compared to pre-show daily averages.... Read More

November 8, 2016 – NRF: Holiday Headquarters

American consumers plan to spend an average $935.58 during the holiday shopping season this year, according to NRF’s survey conducted by Prosper Insights. Nearly six in 10 plan to buy for themselves, spending an average $139.61, up 4 percent from last year and marking the second-highest level of personal spending in the survey’s 13-year history. See more survey highlights by visiting Read More

November 8, 2016 – Mobile Payments in the US Growing Fast, but Still Far from Mass Adoption

Despite double-digit growth this year and next, Americans’ use of mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, as well as branded apps that include mobile wallets like the Starbucks app, Walmart Pay and CVS Pay, will not reach mass adoption in the foreseeable future. This year, 38.4 million Americans 14 and over will have used their mobile phones to pay at the point of sale at least once in the preceding six months.... Read More

November 3, 2016 – Is the Record Business Really Back? How Streaming Is (And Isn’t) Turning a Profit

For the last few years, Barclays’ annual research reports about the music industry reflected the challenges of a business in ­transition — or, more specifically, one that had slowed a rapid decline but had not returned to growth. In 2014, as track sales fell, the bank’s report declared that “Streaming Killed the Download Star”; the 2015 edition was titled “Swimming Upstream.” But the bank’s ­latest research report, published in October and titled “Dancing Days Are Here Again,” starts with much better news: “2016 is the year recorded music appears to be ­turning a corner.”... Read More

November 3, 2016 – [CONSUMER INSIGHTS] How Musicians Listen

How do musicians listen to music? Are they streamers? Do they embrace YouTube? Are they sharing more on Facebook? How about Twitter? Log-in to Music Biz Consumer Insights portal to get topline data on all this, plus more: Read More

November 3, 2016 – Black Friday Enthusiasm High for US Internet Users

US internet users are enthusiastic about holiday shopping, and that includes Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to a September 2016 survey from Accenture, over two-thirds of US internet users plan to shop on Black Friday this year, and nearly as many plan to take part in Cyber Monday “festivities.” FULL ARTICLE: Read More