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September 20, 2022 – The Future of What Episode #199 — The Impact of the CRB Royalty Rate Increase

The recent ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) to increase royalty payout rates for songwriters and publishers is a great step forward in fairly compensating creatives for their work. However given the complex nature of the industry, other segments of the business, particularly those involved in selling and distributing music both physically and digitally. In this episode, we discuss the industry-wide implications of the rate increase with Colin Rushing of Duck Road Advisory LLC and Danielle Aguirre of the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA).... Listen

September 7, 2022 – NEW MEMBER ROUNDUP: August 2022

The Music Biz member community is home to more than 400 global companies, all working to collaborate to support the financial growth of our industry at large and create a more equitable, inclusive place to work! See below for the latest companies to join our Association in the last month: Copycats MediaLocation: Plymouth, MN Years In Business: 33 Website: Welcome Copycats Media to Music Biz’s membership! The company is the largest replicator of CDs and DVDs in the country,... Read More

August 30, 2022 – [Keeping Tempo With Music Biz] — Navigating Modern Music Copyright Law: An Interview with Cosynd’s Liz Cimarelli

Basic copyright protection should be affordable and accessible to all creators, but unfortunately that’s not always been the case. Cosynd was created to turn the lengthy, bureaucratic, and expensive process of copyright protection into one that is intuitive, cost-competitive, and time-saving by simplifying two essential tasks — establishing ownership of copyrights and seamlessly registering them with the U.S. Copyright Office. We sat down with Cosynd’s COO and Head of Business Development, Liz Cimarelli, to shed more light on the critical steps that copyright owners must consider to keep their businesses afloat in today’s evolving legal landscape.... Read More

August 24, 2022 – The Future of What Episode #198 — Ongoing Diversity Efforts In the Music Industry

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a major shift from pursuing incremental change to taking truly meaningful action in establishing a more inclusive and equitable workforce. In this month’s episode, we talk to three executives leading the charge to bolster diversity and inclusion in the music industry about the successes of their initiatives and what work still needs to be done.... Listen

July 31, 2022 – NEW MEMBER ROUNDUP: July 2022

The Music Biz member community is home to more than 400 global companies, all working to collaborate to support the financial growth of our industry at large and create a more equitable, inclusive place to work! See below for the latest companies to join our Association in the last month: MoisesLocation: Salt Lake City, UTYears in Business: 3Website: Help us welcome Moises to Music Biz! This AI company is focused on democratizing state-of-the-art audio technology for use by digital content providers,... Read More

July 27, 2022 – The Future of What Episode #197: Disability Pride Month — Interview with Lachi

In this month’s episode recognizing Disability Pride Month, Music Biz President talks with singer/songwriter and disability advocate, Lachi who founded RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities), a coalition that works to build support for disability culture and inclusion for creatives & industry professionals with disabilities. Tune is as Lachi shares the story of her journey from artist to advocate, recent successes for disability visibility & inclusion, and what changes must still be made.... Listen

June 29, 2022 – The Future of What Episode #196: Pride Month & Queer Representation in the Music Business

Now more than ever, it is vital to amplify and celebrate members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in an industry like ours where they’ve had an immeasurable impact. In honor of Pride Month, we discuss the state of queer visibility & representation in the music business, both for artists and executives, with Joshua Dickinson of Queer Capita and Sydney Christensen of Kill Rock Stars!... Listen

May 26, 2022 – Welcome Our Newest Association Members!

Over the past five months, our association has welcomed more than 40 unique companies from all facets of the industry! As discussed at Music Biz 2022 earlier this month, we’re all “Better Together” – here’s to our members, new and old, collaborating to help us establish a future music industry that works smarter, serves the artists who create the music we all love, and is more accepting and equitable for ALL who work here! You can find a full list of our newest members to join in 2022 linked here;... Read More

May 25, 2022 – The Future of What Episode #195: New Models of Funding Indie Artists

The financing options available to artists at all levels of their career are much more robust today than they’ve ever been, allowing them to accelerate their exposure and access tools to create music more in-line with their original vision. In our latest podcast, Music Biz President Portia Sabin talks to Andrew Bergman, CEO of Downtown Music Holdings and Alex Heiche, Founder and CEO of Sound Royalties about what’s out there and how to find assistance!... Listen

May 4, 2022 – The Future of What Episode #194 — Record Store Day 2022

What began as a way for independent record store owners to bolster foot traffic and sales has grown into a shining example of, “if you build it, they will come.” In celebration of Record Store Day’s 15th anniversary in 2022, Music Biz President Portia Sabin discusses the origins of the event and its affect on the recent resurgence of U.S. vinyl sales with: Brittany Benton, Brittany’s Record ShopCarrie Colliton, Record Store DayLarry Jaffee, Making VinylCarl Mello,... Listen