FEB. 8TH: BMAT Kicks Off Spring 2024 Webinar Series!

The Common Ground Webinar Series is back! On Thursday, February 8th, BMAT Music Innovations will kick off our Spring 2024 series by discussing its in-house audio fingerprinting technology that finds music usage across radio, TV and venues, delivering complete metadata reports to all players in the ecosystem. In this webinar, we’ll dive into the benefits of music recognition to enhance metadata accuracy and royalty distribution for music owners & users alike. We’ll also look into interesting use cases of music monitoring and discuss its benefits as they pertain to different segments of our industry in the U.S., Canada and beyond.

Starting this year, all webinar sessions will take place in our all-new Music Biz Events app powered by Webex! To learn more about the app & its features, and to register for the 2024 Spring Webinar series, click here.