From face-to-face to virtual events, it is the mission of the Music Business Association to bring industry executives together to meet new trading partners, get the latest research, see the most up-to-date technology, showcase new product lines, and hammer out solutions to industry issues. All are welcome. Check out the list of events below.

Music Biz 2015 5.12.15 - 5.14.15

For the first time in Association history, the Music Business Association will bring its flagship annual event to Music City USA. At Music Biz 2015, execs from all facets of the biz will gather to build the future of music commerce — TOGETHER!

  • Over 98% of 2014 attendees felt the Convention was worth the investment of time and money.
  • 84% of supplier attendees report beneting from new contacts or increased business.
  • 86% of retail and wholesale attendees report discovering new vendors, products, or artists.


Music Startup Academy – Nashville 5.12.15

The Music Startup Academy was developed to provide startups, app developers, and music entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to break through the barriers of entry into the music business. Knowledge is power, and our line-up of speakers is sure to arm all attendees with the information they need to take their business to the next level.

You’ll hear from successful local startups sharing stories of their journeys and offering tips to success. You’ll also meet seasoned music business professionals, who will lead sessions on licensing, business development, music APIs, and more.

The day will culminate with the popular ‘Elevator Pitch Shark Tank,’ giving startups and artists in attendance the chance to pitch their ideas to our biz dev experts.
Our panel will constructively critique the pitch, giving frank feedback that all in attendance can use when they score a real-life face-to-face meeting at a music label. Details on how to enter will be coming soon. Finalists will be alerted two weeks prior to the event.

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Metadata Summit – Nashville 5.12.15

Music Biz is happy to facilitate the third annual Metadata Summit as part of Music Biz 2015. These regular forums go a long way toward continuing discussions on digital data issues that are typically over-looked. During this session, you’ll be joined by many high-powered executives who share your metadata concerns. You’ll receive a progress report on common metadata issues and hear from the major organizations and database companies working on resolving these issues.

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Artists, Management & Touring Town Hall – Nashville 5.12.15

Music Biz’s Artists, Management & Touring Sector was launched last year during the annual convention and has been working through the year to increase dialogue between the artist/management and commerce communities while also providing educational opportunities that focus on topics critical to the future health and development of artists and the music business as a whole. The group has come together to plan and present its first Artists, Management & Touring Town Hall, showcasing topics that they hope will spark conversation among attendees and send everyone back to their offices with new insights.

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Metrics & Sales Analysis Town Hall – Nashville 5.12.15

Music Biz’s Metrics & Sales Analysis Workgroup has come together as a group and with leading data providers several times over the past year to discuss the current breadth of data that is collected and how it truly depicts the health of the industry as well as the behaviors of the music consumer. Great strides have been made over the last year to incorporate streaming data into sales numbers and to publish data on a more timely basis. Presented at this session are just a few of the data providers that we have worked with, showcasing some new data sets that will provide insights into today’s marketplace and consumer. The session will culminate with a discussion about how data is being used today and offer time for audience questions.

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