From face-to-face to virtual events, it is the mission of the Music Business Association to bring industry executives together to meet new trading partners, get the latest research, see the most up-to-date technology, showcase new product lines, and hammer out solutions to industry issues. All are welcome. Check out the list of events below.

Music Biz 2016 5.16 - 5.18

When Music Biz moved its annual confab to Nashville in 2015, the event saw a 40% increase in attendance, drawing publishers, managers, artists, songwriters, startups and more to meet with the commerce and content communities that Music Biz has been known for assembling for the past 58 years.

In 2016, the event will take residence at the Renaissance Nashville, a larger property that will allow us to grow the event with more hotel rooms, more meeting space, and more sponsorship opportunities. Click the links below for more information about Music Biz 2016:

Metadata Summit 5.16.16

With its cutting-edge Metadata Summit, Music Biz has created a rare opportunity for discussion of digital data issues, drawing record crowds of attendees whose passion it is to ensure high quality data, decrease revenue loss, and guarantee that consumers can easily find and discover music.

We are happy to bring our fourth annual Metadata Summit to Nashville as part of Music Biz 2016. On May 16, our discussions will aim to identify the roadblocks standing in the way of solutions to these common metadata issues both here in the U.S. and beyond.

Music Startup Academy 5.16.16

After traveling to NYC, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida, and other cities around the country, the Music Startup Academy returns to Nashville during Music Biz 2016. Originally intended for startups and entrepreneurs, this program has grown to welcome all enthusiasts looking to break the barriers of entry into the music biz. You’ll hear about labels, publishing, business development, content acquisition, and more. Building a music startup? Be sure to take close listen as we tie in venture capitalist, PR, and branding advice to take your product or service to new heights in today’s flooded app-isphere.

Artists, Management & Touring Town Hall 5.16.16

Calling all managers looking to generate new revenue streams for their artists … you have come to the right place. The Artists, Management & Touring Town Hall will discuss how artist management is constantly evolving in today’s shifting marketplace, as well as the role data plays in creating unforeseen opportunities for your artists. Whether it be streaming data that unlocks new touring and branding outlets, or vice versa, data is key to taking your artist’s career to the next level. Organized by Music Biz’s Artists, Management, & Touring sector, these panels will be sure to bridge the gap between the music management and commerce communities.

Entertainment & Technology Law Conference 5.18.16

Coming off breaking attendance records in the Big Apple, Music Biz’s Entertainment & Technology Law Conference makes a return to Music City. Applauded for merging entertainment law issues with insight on new media concerns, the Conference stands at the forefront of the entertainment and technology industries. This specific installment will take a deeper dive into the idea of fair use in copyright, as well as the legal implications and agreement clauses behind touring and music festivals.