The Future Of What Podcast

A Podcast and Radio Show About the Music Industry

In addition to her role as President of Music Biz, Portia Sabin is also the host of her own podcast and radio show, The Future of What. The show was created to educate musicians to the realities of the music business, and has grown into a forum where the most significant voices in the industry discuss important issues of the day. 

As we strive to provide resources to inform our member’s general understanding of the modern music industry landscape, we’re thrilled to offer you access to new episodes of The Future of What on our website as they debut!

September 27, 2019 – The Future Of What Episode #166: Converting Streams Into Liquid Assets Faster

Under the current distribution model, labels and rights holders typically only get paid once a month by their distributor, and those payouts are often for streams and downloads that occurred well before the pay period. In an era where artists and labels are able to see nearly real-time usage data for their catalog, these delays in payment have made rapid growth difficult in some cases, and now there are companies stepping in with solutions. On this episode,... Listen

September 20, 2019 – The Future Of What Episode #165: Unpacking The C.A.S.E. Act

The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2019, or C.A.S.E. Act, is currently making its way through Congress, and it stands to have a significant impact on musicians and labels across the country. As it stands now, if you’re a musician who’s had their music used without a license, your only recourse is to go to a federal copyright court to defend your claim of ownership, which often costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in court and attorney(s) fees,... Listen

September 5, 2019 – The Future Of What Episode #164: The Future of Artist Management

Like every other role in the music industry, the face of management is changing to meet the current needs of artists. With fewer and fewer labels investing in artist development, the work of building a team up around an artist has started to land more and more on the shoulders of managers. In our exploration of this topic, we speak with Brian Dubb of, who has developed a web based “virtual management” application that helps developing artists manage themselves,... Listen