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“The Conference provided great insight on emerging issues that will continue to shape the industry. Very informative, empowering and entertaining.”

“Leaders in their fields, addressing cutting edge issues through spirited and highly informative discussions.”

“A requisite legal and business discourse for music and entertainment industry insiders and anyone who strives to be.”

“Excellent panels, panelists, and conference attendees! As an ASCAP songwriter and music publisher, this conference was very informative!”

“Loved being able to ask questions and participate in the discussion.”

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We’ve hosted a number of great discussions over the course of this Series. Here are just a few:

  • Music Publishers Withdrawing Digital Catalog from PROS: Implications for Songwriters, Publishers, Digital Services and Antitrust Law
  • Cariou vs. Prince: The Shifting Contours of “Transformative” Fair Use and Its Effect on Online Uses of Digital Works
  • Ethics in Entertainment Law
  • The Apple E-book Decision: Implications for Music, Movies and Competing Digital Services
  • Bankruptcy and Copyright Assets: Minimizing the Effect on Third-Party Licensees
  • Licensing Musical Works: Varied Approaches to Fixing a Broken System
  • Legislative Solutions to Online Piracy – Dissecting SOPA/PIPA/OPEN Act Provisions
  • Antitrust in Media & Entertainment: The Fine Line between Survival and Monopoly
  • Cloud Media Law: MP3 Tunes, Amazon Cloud Music and Cartoon Network v. Cablevision
  • Cloud Media Deals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Or All the Same?
  • Creators vs. Corporations: Copyright Termination and Royalty Accounting After the Eminem Case
  • Copyright Issues and Licensing Challenges Surrounding Cloud Media Services
  • International Legal Issues that Challenge Digital Media’s Global Growth
  • Is Peace Breaking Out? A Discussion of the Copyright Principles Project
  • The New Anti-Piracy Strategy: Law Enforcement Attacking ‘Rogue Websites.’ Will this effort be effective? Will it survive challenges? Does it require legislation?
  • Privacy Laws and Risks Affecting Digital Media Services, and Potential Risks and Benefits of New Legislation and Regulation
  • Digital Sales and Use Taxes: Are State and Local Governments Overreaching By Taxing Digital ‘Goods’ and Cloud Media Services? Are these taxes legal? Are they effective? How will Congress react?
  • Copyright Registration: Issues And Challenges
  • Comparing International Anti-Piracy Strategies
  • The Continuing Digital Evolution of the First Sale Doctrine
  • Digital Television Innovation, Competition and Copyright
  • Copyright Trolls or Creative Lawyering? Are Mass Copyright Infringement Suits Ethical?  Can They Be Effective Deterrents, or a Successful Business Model?