[WEBINAR] Streamlining Royalty Payments: Tips for Global Expansion from Tunecore & Payoneer

Thursday, Jan. 14 | 2 – 3 pm ET

Many digital publishers, distributors, music labels and performing rights organizations are still finding it difficult to streamline their royalty payouts. Those who figure out the solution are finding that it can be their ticket to expanding their business on a global scale. In this webinar, Tunecore COO Matt Barrington and music payments experts from Payoneer will discuss insights on Tunecore’s digital music distribution, publishing and licensing services; the company’s successes in the music space; and how they have overcome digital royalty payments challenges by leveraging Payoneer’s infrastructure. Presenters will also shed light on both the common roadblocks and specific issues music companies experience in this vertical, and the ways they have successfully navigated them. Finally, they will explore the benefits of offering automated international payments from a trusted source, and present the results each company has seen since implementing Payoneer.

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