WEBINAR: Producing, Performing, and Potential Big Pay Days in a Changed World

2020 has screamed in our ear to adapt, overcome, evolve, and to not look back. In our first Fall 2020 webinar — hosted by Guiding Star Global — will showcase innovative, powerful new tools for worldwide music collaboration, creation, performance and distribution that have evolved in the midst of chaos. The session will present details of a revolutionary, industry-changing leap forward in the realm of performance production and presentation with the potential to not only save the year for those willing to make bold moves, but is forecast to forever change the game — all while keeping everyone as safe as possible. Finally, we will discuss how big paydays are not only possible, but how they will become more prevalent for those who embrace new financial models developed through the increased pressures on our industry through 2020.

Thurs., Sept 17, 2 – 3pm ET

Presenters include:
Todd Snyder, President, Guiding Star Global, Nashville,
Joe McMonagle, Chief Business Development Officer, Atomic, New York, 
Gary Earl, Producer and Owner, Gary Earl Productions, Nashville,
JB Anderson, Producer and Owner, Gaslight Studios, St. Louis,