WEBINAR — Protecting Your Content: The Changes You Need To Know About & The Tools To Help You Get It Done

Throw out that self-addressed, unopened envelope and get ready to toss out a few other things you thought you knew about copyright protection along with it. While it’s gotten easier to create, upload, and share content, protecting that content still seems unapproachable, complicated and expensive for most of the creative community. This session — hosted by Cosynd CEO Jessica Sobhraj and North Music Group President Abby North — will tackle the misconceptions around copyright protection, the common practices that are now obsolete, and the critical changes that affect how you can safeguard your rights and revenue. You will also learn more about how companies like Cosynd and North Music Group provide tools and guidance to make copyright protection simpler and affordable for our community.

When: November 12 | 2 pm — 3 pm ET