Porter’s Call — A Beacon of Hope For Artists & Their Families

Music Biz is proud to offer our members information about Porter’s Call, a confidential service of counsel, support, and encouragement exclusively for recording artists.

The lifestyle of a recording artist — because of rigorous cycles of touring, recording and media interviews — takes a great toll on both artists and their loved ones. Artists need an outlet where they can express themselves as PEOPLE, not as CELEBRITIES, to privately deal with the pressures of not only their careers but also everyday life.

Porter’s Call was founded in 2001 to provide artists and their families with a safe place where they can get the counseling resources they need. It has become a trusted and integral part of the music landscape since its inception, with over 1,000 artists from all genres benefiting from their services.

As a 501c3, Porter’s Call offers its services at no charge to the artists. They are supported by generous contributions from businesses and foundations, and those who benefit from the careers of healthy artists — labels, managers, agents, radio stations, lovers of music, and some of the artists themselves. And if Porter’s Call can’t be of assistance, they have an extensive list of experienced referrals available.

To learn more about this invaluable resource, visit, or call 615-591-6622.