Meet Music Biz’s Newest Member: SongSplits

Company Name: SongSplits

Location: New York, New York

Number of Employees: 10

Number of Years in Business: 4

Primary Contact: Suzanne Burge-Taylor, Head of Marketing,

Company Description: Based in New York City and Atlanta, GA, SongSplits Solutions, LLC (SongSplits) is an information technology company that improves the accuracy and speed of compensation to rightsholders by efficiently collecting, confirming, documenting and distributing real-time songwriter ownership data for more than 80,000 writer representatives in over 40 countries.

Primary Service/Product: SongSplits is a free digital platform that definitively captures, confirms and distributes rightsholders copyright information from any web-enabled device. Songwriters and their co-writers can confirm accurate information all within 60 seconds. Meanwhile managers, publishers, attorneys and societies that work on behalf of rightsholders can access real-time, synchronized data, which allows them to work more efficiently. This technology-enabled approach reduces the time, costs and the margin of error of managing copyright information on an individual basis for all stakeholders in the process and provides a uniform data structure for the music industry to rely upon at

Most Recent Innovations & Announcements: In addition to our free writer and manager digital split sheet portals, SongSplits offers B2B royalty management services, a deep analysis of revenue generators and reporting for publishers and writers via SongSplits customized royalty portal including:

Percent of each work controlled by company and writer(s), total royalties generated by each work for the given quarter of reporting, total royalties generated for each of writer by each work for the given quarter of reporting.

Total royalties payable to each writer based upon individual publishing terms, total net royalties to be retained by company based upon writer’s publishing terms, creation of individual royalty statements for each client detailing: total royalties generated per work, total deduction of royalties per work, total royalties generated by work by region, total royalties generated by work by collection source, total royalties generated by work by revenue source, total percent of each work controlled and total royalties earned per work

Decision to Join Music Biz: SongSplits feels that we developed a viable industry solution in collecting writer data as the current method is an unstructured, time-intensive process of telephone calls, emails and circulating documents. This is an inefficient, high-cost business practice in the music industry that continues to produce limited, and often costly, results.

We have built the company and it’s robust database on our trusted relationships with songwriters, producers and publishers. We’ve joined Music Biz to expand our intelligence, messaging and offerings to songwriters and B2B alliances.

Looking to Gain as a Member: SongSplits will contribute and gain insight within multiple technology, copyright and data sectors of the association as we value it’s knowledge bank, transparency and growth. We look forward to building upon our principles and research through conversations and events while we truly appreciate the opportunity to share our global copyright management solution.