NEW MEMBER ROUNDUP: Dec. 2023/Jan. 2024

New Year, New Members — the Music Biz member community is home to a growing community of 400+ global companies, all working to collaborate to support the financial growth of our industry at large and create a more equitable, inclusive place to work! See below for the latest list of companies who have joined our Association in the last two months:

Bittersweet Media
Location: New York, NY
Years In Business: 7

Bittersweet Media is a strategic marketing company that provides artists, labels and small businesses with the necessary tools and support to connect with their communities while standing out in today’s overly saturated digital world. 

Dot Hip Hop, LLC
Location: Pompano Beach, FL
Years In Business: 2

Dot Hip Hop, LLC specializes in providing .HipHop domain names, offering a unique and innovative digital home for the entire Hip Hop culture, which encompasses more than music. Their offerings integrate Web3 technology, transforming .HipHop domains into multifunctional digital assets. The .HipHop domain is more than a URL—it’s a statement of belonging to a global cultural movement, providing a platform for expression, commerce, and connectivity in the digital age.

Dynamic Talent International
Location: Worldwide
Years In Business: 5

Dynamic Talent International is a talent agency dedicated to helping artists achieve their career goals by applying the experience, expertise and empathy the company has acquired through multiple collective years in the music & touring business. 

Intellectual Property Collections
Location: Emeryville, CA
Years In Business: 5

Intellectual Property Collections is the leading publishing administration and sync licensing company, expertly managing music catalogs and representing writers across NY, CA, MI, GA, FL, HI, NV, and TX. The company specializes in maximizing the exposure and profitability for its clients by ensuring their music resonates in various media through strategic sync licensing. 

Jewel Box Platinum
Location: Inglewood, CA
Years In Business: 30

Jewel Box Platinum Inc. is the trusted provider of RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum Awards, Billboard Charts, Spotify Streaming, Touring Plaques and other distinctive awards that reflect the excellence and creativity of our clients. The company’s mission is to deliver the finest in gold and platinum awards and framing, and to exceed the expectations of their clients with quality, service, and innovation.

Killphonic Rights
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Years In Business: 4

Killphonic Rights is a global music publishing and neighboring rights management company that offers creative, financial and administrative services to artists, labels, and music publishers. With a tech focused approach, Killphonic prides itself on fair and equitable deals for independent and major artists alike. Their services include sync pitching and A&R support. 

Rock Paper Scissors, Inc.
Location: Bloomington, IN & Portland, OR
Years In Business: 24

Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. is a PR firm specializing in media relations for companies innovating in music and tech. The company devises PR campaigns including influential people to talk about clients’ music tech companies to increase their footprint, thought leadership, and business opportunities. Their services include PR retainers, a crystallization discovery process, and executive profile building.

Stand Together Music
Location: Arlington, VA
Years In Business: 3

Stand Together Music unites musicians and their teams with proven changemakers to co-create solutions to some of the most pressing problems in our country, including criminal justice reform, addiction recovery, education, free speech, and ending the war on drugs. 

Third Bridge Creative
Years In Business: 9

Third Bridge Creative is a global community of music curators, writers, content strategists, and radio programmers. The company specializes in creating unskippable playlists, writing insightful editorial, and identifying content trends for the world’s biggest streaming platforms, labels, and brands. 

TouchTunes Music Company LLC
Location: New York, NY
Years In Business: 25

TouchTunes is the largest digital jukebox network in the World, operating in over 65,000 locations in the US alone. The company’s position in the music ecosystem provides an active, shared listening experience and encourages interaction among their users by showcasing music in distinctive ways through exclusive on-platform promotions, highly customized curation, and IRL fan engagement opportunities. 

Tuned Global 
Location: Australia/ US/ UK/ Sweden/ France
Years In Business: 14

Tuned Global is the leading B2B music and streaming platform, empowering companies & brands to quickly build their own streaming services or to connect their apps with licensed music. Their solutions encompass white-label music streaming apps and over 500 streaming service APIs for businesses seeking robust integration of streaming functionalities and content, including music, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, video, and live streaming. Additionally, their music backend enables seamless music catalog delivery and reporting in full compliance with licensing agreements.