Please welcome Pex, a leader in the digital rights technology market, to the Music Biz member community! Pex’s advanced royalty payment systems ensure transparency and accuracy in content attribution by bringing together all stakeholders and industries to license and manage content. By radically simplifying licensing on a global scale, the company empowers digital platforms to make real-time decisions about content, enables creators to utilize copyrighted content without fear, and ensures rightsholders are properly credited and compensated. 

Pex chose to join the Association to further their connection with and commitment to the music business. One way this has already manifested is through their partnership with Music Biz to host a series of educational events on the important changes coming for EU copyright law via Article 17. The first event took place in December, with two more webinars planned for 2021.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Number of Employees: 71

Years in Business: 6