As we kick off the new year, Music Biz is glad to welcome music artificial intelligence company Musiio to our member community! Musiio has a built an AI that “listens” to music to help streamline workflows in our industry’s B2B space. The company’s ready-to-go solutions allow record labels, streaming services and sync professionals to tag, search and playlist catalogs of music. Musiio also fully customizes products with our easy-to-integrate APIs and custom shop solutions for special use cases

Musiio made the decision to join Music Biz after participating in our annual NY:LON Connect global music business summit. They joined the association to connect with sync & background music companies, streaming services, publishers and labels. As members, they’ll be able to actively participate in our member community by joining our slate of events both as attendees and as speakers.


Location: Singapore

Number of Employees: 12

Years in Business: 2

Company Contact: Annie Wong, Customer Success —

Phone Number: (852) 908-7333