New Member Profile Feature: Label Logic

Company Name: Label Logic


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Number of Employees: 2

Number of Years in Business: 2

Primary Contact: Jay Gilbert, Co-Founder of Digital Strategy,

Company Description: Label Logic provides a full suite of record label services- digital strategy, product management, marketing, campaign management, and executive label functions-on a fee only basis.

Primary Service/Product: Label Logic will supplement your team to build and execute plans for the new music business. 

Most Recent Innovation/News Item: YOUR MORNING COFFEE: Weekly music news for the new music business can be found here

Looking to Gain as a Member: We’d like to participate more this year by moderating and joining panels.

Decision to Join Music Biz: Last year we participated in the Music Biz convention in Nashville. We were very happy with the meetings we had and the resulting business.