We welcome HIFI to the Music Biz member community! This financial rights organization for the music industry builds technologies & services designed to financially empower our members, while also developing advocacy among its membership for financial innovation & transparency that benefits the creative community. HIFI was recently profiled in Billboard, in an article covering their unique approach to music industry financials, including their popular “Cash Flow” service that allows artists to be paid bi-weekly based on their expected yearly royalty income.

HIFI chose to join the Association so our membership communities may collaborate in support of one another’s missions: to promote future growth across the entire global music industry while working to ensure financial success for artists and content creators. As members, they’ll benefit both from contributing to and accessing our year-round Virtual Events Suite, Keeping Tempo expert op-ed series, expert-sourced educational resources, and more!

Location: New York, NY

Number of Years in Business: 3

Number of Employees: 15

Company Contact: Will Griggs, CXO —