New Member Profile: FindMyFans

Please welcome FindMyFans, a tech startup that believes utilizing data is the key to success in the music industry, to the Music Business Association!

FindMyFans is developing an app designed to use fan data generated from streaming services and artists’ social media accounts to enhance artists’ revenue streams. The app pulls data about fan’s location and listening activity, revealing which songs are most popular on streaming services and where their largest fanbases lie. This data can empower artists, managers, marketing departments, and PR teams to plan better touring routes, implement better marketing plans in target markets, and submit the most-streamed songs for better radio play.

In the lead up to the launch of their app, FindMyFans sought membership with Music Biz to engage in the music industry ecosystem and make vital connections with the artists and promotional teams who will benefit from it the most.



To learn more about FindMyFans, read’s write-up on the company featuring an interview with CEO Ravi Ramkeesoon.

Location: New York, NY

Number of Years in Business: 2

Number of Employees: 1

Primary Contact: Ravi Ramkeesoon, Founder & CEO,

Phone Number: (646) 429-2623