NEW FROM MUSIC BIZ & THE MLC: Evolution, Empowerment & Earnings

Introducing a new, three-part webinar series co-hosted with The MLC — tune in as music industry experts share how today’s artists & rightsholders can best adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape, leverage income tracking tactics to optimize their income, and implement tried-and-true best practices to improve their careers both in the short and long term! 

Learn more about each webinar and register for all three via the links below:

Tuesday, October 17th | 2 — 3 pm ET
Embracing the Ever-Changing Landscape of the Music Industry  

In an era of rapid technological advancements, the music industry finds itself in a perpetual state of transformation. In the first of our three-part webinar series, the Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) and the Music Business Association will bring together industry experts to engage in a dynamic discussion about the challenges and opportunities presented by this evolving environment, as well as the strategies, insights and tools necessary to thrive in it.  Through candid conversations, attendees will gain insights on building a sustainable career, the importance of networking & building a community, and tactics to amplify their artistic visions. — CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Tuesday, November 7th | 2 — 3 pm ET
From Earnings to Empowerment: The Importance of Income Tracking

Income tracking has emerged in recent years as a powerful practice with the ability to financially empower artists & rightsholders. In the series’ second discussion, industry executives will discuss the crucial roles that income tracking, data accuracy and transparency play in enhancing both royalty collection and income optimization. You’ll also discover how The MLC’s tools are revolutionizing income tracking, setting a new standard for transparency and help rightsholders earn the money they are owed. — CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Tuesday, November 28th | 2 — 3 pm ET
The Music Industry’s Two Promises to Creators

The music industry is founded on two central commitments to artists: first, the commitment to cultivate them in their creative work, and second, the commitment to pay them for their work accurately and on time. The creative facet of the industry remains prominently front and center and is celebrated by fans and industry alike. However, in the streaming era, the collection and precise distribution of royalties has assumed paramount importance. In the final part of our webinar series, industry leaders on both the artist development and royalty processing sides discuss industry best practices that help guide artists from their initial discovery to their long-term financial success. — CLICK HERE TO REGISTER