Music Biz Partner DDEX Details New MEAD Metadata Standard

DDEX’s Mark Isherwood and Niels Rump to discuss the format in a Music Biz Webinar tomorrow

In a press announcement late last week, international standards-setting organization DDEX detailed its Media Enrichment and Description (MEAD) standard, set to provide a new level of music metadata capabilities. The MEAD standard enables support for additional types of metadata that do not appear in Electronic Release Notification (ERN) messages from labels and distributors. MEAD will allow for over 30 types of additional data — including lyrics, reviews, historic chart positions, and focus track information — to be communicated through the supply chain, aimed at ultimately improving the consumer experience for search and discovery.

Music Biz is thrilled to partner with DDEX to host a webinar in which DDEX Secretariat members Mark Isherwood and Niels Rump will discuss the MEAD standard, and how it can help the music industry better reach consumers, especially as voice-activated search becomes more prevalent. The webinar takes place tomorrow, October 10 at 2pm ET.

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