Music Biz Member Warner Music Group Appoint Tim Matusch As EVP, Strategy & Operations

Robert Kyncl, the new CEO of Warner Music Group, has recruited his former YouTube colleague, Tim Matusch as WMG’s EVP of Strategy & Operations. In his newly created role, Kyncl states that Matusch will be working closely with him, “…the wider leadership team, and many of you, to help define, facilitate, and execute our 5-10 year vision.” Over the span of his career, Matusch held executive roles at companies such as YouTube, Boston Consulting Group and AOL. Kyncl believes that Matusch will, “…play a pivotal role in evolving our cross-company plans,” which would include “deploying business intelligence to strengthen our decision making” in addition to “developing and tracking a set of critical KPIs.” 

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