Music Biz Member Tuned Global Strikes New Partnerships Across Africa

International B2B music services company, Tuned Global has struck three new partnerships with Africa-based music streaming services Sewasew in Ethiopia, Jumamo in Nigeria, and Tieme in Ghana. Tuned Global aims to transform music streaming in Africa by supporting local artists and providing customized technology solutions based on the market’s unique needs. Per the partnerships, Tuned Global will help to expedite Jumamo’s launch plans, add Universal Music Group’s catalog to Sewasew’s music & podcast streamer, and expand its current partnership with Tieme Music. 

“The energy and innovation in African markets are inspiring, and we’ve found that our partners there are looking for new ways to engage listeners, highlight local artists, and solve complex technical problems,” said Con Raso, Tuned Global’s Managing Director. “Every market and country are unique, and streaming services are embracing this, taking international and regional heavyweights on. They turn to us to help make sure their ideas come to market fully formed and highly functional.” 

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