Music Biz Member TuneCore Reaches $3 Billion by Artists

BELIEVE owned independent development company for self-releasing artists, TUNECORE, has generated $3 billion by artist. According to Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of BELIEVE, “The achievement of reaching $3 billion earned by self-releasing artists speaks volumes to the importance of supporting all creators equally. Which is why the whole artistic community must be nurtured without differentiation to allow the emergence of a new class of self-releasing artists that will be able to sustain themselves by making a living from their art. Not all artists aim at becoming superstars, but all top artists need a launchpad to blossom.”

Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TUNECORE added, “We’re proud to offer innovative technology-based services at affordable price points to all music creators, whether you’re a beginner or a top artist. ED SHEERAN, LIZZO, and CHANCE THE RAPPER all started their careers on TUNECORE – in fact, the next ED SHEERAN, the next LIZZO and the next CHANCE could all very well be on our roster right now.”

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