Music Biz Member TuneCore Announces “Social First” Music Distribution Pre-Release Option

TuneCore has added a new distribution option for creators to release music directly onto social media platforms, prior to its release for streaming and download. Creators can distribute music directly into the music libraries of social media networks including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Reels. 

“In the past few years, social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have become the first stage for music discovery, providing a new way for music creators to start building audiences and accelerate discovery and virality,” said Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore. “With the launch of distribution to Social Platforms, TuneCore is offering a one-stop solution for artists to release and monetize their music on key social media platforms with no upfront fee to provide an easily accessible launchpad for creators.”

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