Music Biz Member SoundCloud Launches Weekly Clubhouse Series For Emerging Artists

Next-gen music company SoundCloud has launched a weekly artist event series on Clubhouse featuring artists from their First on SoundCloud 2021 incubator program. The show is hosted by DJ, producer and former MTV host, Jasmine Solano, and will feature appearances by First on SoundCloud artists including Charmaine, Ela Minus, Kid Quill, Lourdiz, Otis Kane, Payday, Sofia Mills, and SoFaygo. Each episode, featured artists will invite collaborators, friends and fans to join their conversations and connect artists with musicians, influencers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

“The drop-in, all-talk experience on Clubhouse, and SoundCloud’s dynamic fan communities, both shape today’s culture,” SoundCloud Director of Editorial, Leon Sherman. “We’re bringing these influential worlds together, the wider community and the artists’ day ones, to go deep into the creative process and help build long-term career success.”

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