Music Biz Member Session Advances Session Studio With SONA Partnership

As part of a new partnership between Session and Songwriters of North America (SONA), all members of SONA will gain access to Session’s innovative Session Studio app. SONA members will be able to use the app to capture song & recording data directly in-studio, and deliver that data downstream to managers, labels, publishers, CMOs and DSPs. To further support this partnership, Session has worked with BMI and ASCAP to enable songwriters from each PRO to automatically verify their unique creator identifiers, so they can easily receive proper credit at the point of a song’s creation. 

“By working together with SONA, we can make our technology accessible to so many more creators,” said Session Co-Founder, Nick Molinder. “What also helps make this collaboration work so well is the support we have from ASCAP and BMI. We all share the same vision, in ensuring songwriters are paid their dues. Creators are at the heart of what we do and collaborating with these organizations that are just as passionate as us is a great step forward for the industry.”