Music Biz Member Rimas Publishing Recognized by LaMusica for Efforts to Support Women in Music Industry

Rimas Publishing was recognized by LaMusica for the support they provide to women pursuing careers in the music industry. “A Todo Volumen,” a mini-documentary dedicated to “Las Chicas de Rimas” (Rimas’ Girls), covers the important role that Rimas Publishing has taken in providing opportunities for women in the industry. “In the Urban genre, it is not customary to see women producing music or having a lead role in creating content,” continued Bianca Alarcon, VP of Content Development for LaMusicaand Spanish Broadcasting System. “This is why Rimas Publishing’s vision of taking a step forward and recognizing that women have a lot to contribute at that stage of creating a hit caught our attention.” 

The documentary, available on LaMusica’s app, follows a young producer named Sofire who is newly paving her way in the industry. The film also features the stories of other illustrious female artists and musicians such as Janice Maisonet, Aris and Shammai. “We are extremely proud of all the great female talents that are part of Rimas Publishing and very grateful for La Musica App and SBS for being the first outlet to give us the opportunity to make them known.” stated Emilio Morales, Director of Rimas Publishing. 

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