Music Biz Member Music Millennium Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Congratulations Music Biz member Music Millennium, who celebrates their 50th anniversary today (at exactly 3 pm PT)! Since opening on March 15, 1969, this independent record store has featured a number of in-store signings and performances including the likes of Richard Thompson, Maureen McCormick (aka “Marcia Brady”), Soundgarden, Sheryl Crow, Randy Newman, Jewel, and Cheap Trick. A staple in the Portland, OR community, the store is now the oldest brick-and-mortar record shop in the Pacific Northwest.

Music Millennium owner Terry Currier was the recipient of Music Biz’s 2017 Independent Spirit Award. At the time of his honoring, he had this to say: “It’s important to recognize the intense power of music to shape and heal lives, and the necessity of independent retail to nurture that relationship through in-person experiences with fellow music lovers.” Given the sustained success that Music Millennium has achieved, Currier has clearly exemplified this attitude.

Visit Portland Business Journal for a photo tour of Music Millennium’s robust collection.