Music APIs Are Exactly What the Industry Needs – Here’s Why

The following op-ed was penned for HypeBot by Adaptr CEO Jeff Yasuda, part of Music Biz member Feed Media Group.

While the music industry demonstrated an impressive ability to bounce back thanks to its early adoption of streaming, keeping that momentum going will require a streamlining of the process through which tech companies get permission to license music. Anyone who has spent even a day in the music industry knows the significant complexities around music licensing. One label might own the master recording, but publishing rights are likely split between multiple songwriters and producers, who each could be represented by a different publishing company. It’s natural for these rightsholders to be protective of their content considering the costs to produce, develop, and market artists and songs. And, like VCs, they need to evaluate the risk/reward trade-off before approving a license. So how do we make it worth their while?

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