Minecraft, Fortnite And Avatars; How Lockdown Is Changing The Future Of Live Music

While live streaming is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance, an intriguing view of the future of live music could be glimpsed by visiting two virtual worlds last week. A concert by American rapper Travis Scott was broadcast live from within the online video game Fortnite, reaching more than 12.3 million players and setting an all-time record for participation in the game’s events. Anarchic noise-pop duo 100 gecs hosted the Square Garden Festival in Minecraft featuring Charli XCX, Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Tommy Cash.

“The immersive virtual gig is going to be a serious revenue contender,” states Rick Heffernan, a consultant for brand activity in virtual and live events. “Travis Scott’s brand partnership with Epic Games could not have been more impressive, or better timed.”

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