Jaxsta Names Beth Appleton As Next CEO

Beth Appleton, formerly Jaxsta’s Chief Marketing Officer, has been promoted to the role of CEO. In her new position, she will focus on the marketing, management and operations for the company. With an extensive background in the industry, Appleton has held positions such as General Manager and Senior Vice President Marketing Australasia at Warner Music Australia and has been recognized for her hard work by Billboard’s Women In Music.

“There comes a time of evolution,” says Appleton. “We wanted to make sure our strength and focus continues in the right areas our business goes. Jacqui and I are magnificent business partners, and friends.”

Jaxsta co-founder, Jacqui Louez-Schoorl, will remain with the company but will prioritize her focus on the Jaxsta product, as well as the company’s community and creative relationships. “I am thrilled to pass the Jaxsta baton on to Beth and wish her all the success in the future,” she said in a statement. “We are a dynamic duo and we work together incredibly well. I will be by her side, supporting her, and the team, in my new role and look forward to this exciting new chapter in the Jaxsta journey.”

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