[IN THE NEWS] — Inside Music Biz 2019: The Power Summit’s Chief James Donio on Six Decades of Industry Shake-Ups and Top Concerns Today

From creative monetization tools to globalization and industrywide inclusion efforts, it’s anything but status quo in today’s ever-shifting music landscape. While the Music Business Association’s annual Music Biz Conference has always served as a mirror for the industry at large, the power confab — which will hit Nashville May 5-8 — has become a true think tank of today’s luminaries working to tackle the biz’s 21st-century concerns, from streaming and metadata to diversity and health issues.

Addiction is a new focus at this year’s “How Music Hurts the Artist & How It Heals” panel, which is a nod to the self-medication and psychological issues that come with the booming live market and the often grueling touring schedules that have resulted. Technology law (a response to the growing DIY footprint) will be a focus of talks on how to start a publishing company and artificial intelligence’s invasion of the business, including in hit songwriting. (“Is it inevitable that a computer will create a chart-topping song in the not-so-distant future?” asks the panel “Artificial Intelligence Meets Tin Pan Alley.”)

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