How Tech Can Save The Music: Abandoning Conventional Thinking During A Crisis

Innovations like the basketball, the Slinky, radar technology, penicillin, fluorescent lightbulbs, Diet Coke, Microsoft Office, the iPad and Airbnb provide a small snapshot of inventions born out of periods of economic or societal strife. This shows that despite the massive upheaval and horrific costs of the COVID-19 pandemic, new opportunities can emerge. By tapping into creativity, businesses can uncover novel, lasting solutions to the problems of clients, customers and fans. Those that lean into technology have the potential to make these solutions a reality.

Case in point: the music industry — while this time could produce plentiful new songs, conventional thinking and most health guidelines suggest artists can’t get to the studio to record them or practice with their bandmates. They can’t shoot videos or perform live for audiences, and they receive limited income from streaming.

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