Brands Leveraging Digital Audio Don’t Have the Metrics They Need to Measure a Campaign’s Success

Audio advertisers have no problem demonstrating that their ads were listened to, but proving that their ads affected listeners’ behavior is another story. Software maker Autodesk tested digital audio to acquire new customers. It received reporting for number of listens, the amount of time users spent listening, and how many people were exposed to its ad impressions. But those metrics didn’t give Autodesk much indication of whether those who listened to its ads went on to purchase its products.

“It’s basically superficial top-of-the-funnel metrics,” said Siara Nazir, head of digital marketing at Autodesk. When the software maker ended its test, it decided not to include digital audio in its media mix for future campaigns. “We just couldn’t put forth a proper return on ad spend and proper visibility into what this medium is bringing in for us,” she said.

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